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rubber-stamp something

if someone rubber-stamps a decision or a plan, they give it official approval, often without thinking about it enough
Usage notes: If someone official has examined a document, they often put a special mark on it using a rubber stamp (= a small printing device made of rubber).
School governors will not simply rubber-stamp what teachers have already decided. The court was asked to rubber-stamp the Department's decision to free the men.
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The laity's role diminished into rubber-stamping the episcopal candidate already selected by the clergy.
The MAC is in the process of rubber-stamping Northwest Airlines' 20/20 vision plan, which was first proposed only about four months ago, in September 2004.
At the very moment council members were rubber-stamping the bad plan for Los Angeles International Airport, the county Board of Supervisors was voting unanimously to support suing the city to block the project, based on its belief that the airport won't be able to cap growth at 78 million passengers as promised.
Overlooking or rubber-stamping Medicaid sales efforts means that companies miss major growth opportunities," notes Best Practices, LLC CEO Chris Bogan.
The Los Angeles Board of Education faces approving today more than $10 million in contracts that district officials handed out without authority under a long-standing practice of rubber-stamping deals retroactively.
Their accomplishments are pretty much limited to approving billionaires' plans for Staples Center expansion, rubber-stamping a shortened police workweek payoff to the police union and burning through the massive budget surplus left behind by Mayor Richard Riordan.