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rubber-stamp something

if someone rubber-stamps a decision or a plan, they give it official approval, often without thinking about it enough
Usage notes: If someone official has examined a document, they often put a special mark on it using a rubber stamp (= a small printing device made of rubber).
School governors will not simply rubber-stamp what teachers have already decided. The court was asked to rubber-stamp the Department's decision to free the men.
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The federal government had received the state's historic designation and rubber-stamped it," said attorney Gary Rosenberg.
The Inland Revenue contended that the policy decisions of the offshore company were made in London by the parent and merely rubber-stamped by the offshore company's board of directors who were based offshore.
In that story, Journal reporter Tom Lauricella charged that the Funds' board rubber-stamped "management's efforts to profit at the expense of fund shareholders," citing the SEC staff's observation in a 2003 examination letter that for a period of time the Funds advanced certain marketing expenses, known as 12b-1 expenses, in excess of annual limits, and that the excess was reimbursed by the adviser at each year-end.
After their approval, it must also be rubber-stamped by the L.
In sum, the board, that is, the board members, like the psychiatrist, had zero contact with the teacher, and merely rubber-stamped the administrators' decisions.
BUSINESS WIRE)--March 29, 1996--The California Air Resources Board today rubber-stamped controversial Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) regulations which will cost California taxpayers billions and will do virtually nothing to reduce air pollution in our state.
THE Department of Water and Power Commission last week rubber-stamped an 18 percent rate increase pushed by DWP officials.
The Duffys sued him at the Court of Session and a judge rubber-stamped the claim.