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rubber-stamp something

if someone rubber-stamps a decision or a plan, they give it official approval, often without thinking about it enough
Usage notes: If someone official has examined a document, they often put a special mark on it using a rubber stamp (= a small printing device made of rubber).
School governors will not simply rubber-stamp what teachers have already decided. The court was asked to rubber-stamp the Department's decision to free the men.
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In a nation known for rubber-stamp elections for the PRI, Mexicans exercised their constitutional right.
DOE office for rubber-stamp approval, after which the DOE accommodatingly wrote a check.
The Institute believes it indicates a growing tendency among courts to look closely at fairness issues in these situations and not simply rubber-stamp clearly irrational verdicts and legal holdings.
Unlike the Clinton appointments, and the rubber-stamp bipartisan confirmations of liberal nominees Ruth Bader-Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, California Sen.
Businessman Terry Brady is due to meet with creditors today in an attempt to rubber-stamp the deal after axing manager Quinn yesterday.
Boards have long been accused of existing only to rubber-stamp the decisions by the incumbent chief executive and preserve his power.
In other words, it has its origin in the SK Chairman having almost no shares himself, and moreover, we believe the problem lies with the board that rubber-stamps at once, without any resistance, the dividend payout plan that goes against all shareholders' expectations in such absurd manner, acting as a faithful rubber-stamp device for the Chairman.
Actually, Colletti gave rubber-stamp approval to the moves, which had been all but decided by his new staff in the days before he was given the job.
Blonde Emma Noble has given her rubber-stamp of approval to Tony Blair.