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The little old man put his head more on one side, and rubbed his hands with unspeakable glee.
Pat added: "It's a really funny activity to see, as they don't waste any time and rub themselves all over extremely quickly - even baby Ted was rubbed over by mum, Dinya, but the onion odour can get very overpowering when they're all doing it together
To find suitable stand sites, focus your scouting on densely foliated bedding areas containing many rubbed trees.
Bucks with very wide spreads, very narrow spreads, with lots of points and with two points (spikes) all smelled, licked and rubbed traditional rubs
The final coat can be lightly rubbed to a matt finish.
Q: I have a number of three to four-inch northern red maples that are getting rubbed heavily by deer Most of the trees have lost about a third of their bark.
Rubbed Barbecue Spicy Ribs Ingredients 4kg of small pork ribs on 1kg racks For the rub Des spoon dried onion flakes Des spoon dried garlic flakes Des spoon sea salt Des spoon chilli powder Des spoon cayenne pepper Des spoon black peppercorns Des spoon mustard powder Des spoon celery salt Des spoon soft brown sugar For the glaze 100ml white wine vinegar 30g brown sugar 2 teaspoon chilli flakes 100ml tomato ketchup 2 teaspoons English mustard Good slug of dark rum Method 1.
Pilbara is one of the many places in Australia where Aboriginal people and Europeans live together, or at least in sight of each other, and where their mutual history is rubbed out, rubbed in, or rubbed raw.
But then, this was in the pre-fabric conditioner era when a pat dry with a towel after a bath was like being rubbed with a pan scourer.
Then he took his thumb, rubbed it on his own ashes, and traced a cross on my forehead.
From Dijon-Wine Steak Kabobs with Mushroom Wild Rice; Tenderloin, Cranberry, and Pear Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing; Mediterranean Burgers with Hummus; and Ancho Chili-Rubbed Beef Steaks; to Bow Tie Pasta with Beef and Beans; Beef and Broccoli Soup; Roasted Herb- Rubbed Beef Tri-Tip with Orange and Red Onion Salt; and Five-Spice Tenderloin Steaks with Creamy Polenta, here are recipes suited for any family or celebratory dining occasion.
The aromatic blends can be rubbed dry onto steak, ribs, chicken, fish or potato wedges or mixed with yoghurt for a creamier taste.
Knights used coats of arms on seals and they often depicted mythical beasts such as unicorns and dragons which look particularly effective when rubbed in gold or silver against black card.