rub shoulders with (someone)

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rub shoulders with (someone)

To meet and spend time in a social environment with one who is noteworthy, famous, or important. I heard you were rubbing shoulders with the governor last Saturday. These conferences always have a meet-and-greet portion so you get a chance to rub shoulders with the heads of the tech industry.
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rub shoulders with someone

mainly BRITISH
COMMON If you rub shoulders with someone important or famous, you spend time with them. Johnson had always loved rubbing shoulders with celebrities. Working on a ship can mean seeing the world, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and partying every night. Note: You can also say that two groups of people rub shoulders. While there may be fewer poor people, the rich are also more visible, and in the cities the two rub shoulders. Note: The usual American expression is rub elbows with someone.
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rub shoulders

associate or come into contact with another person.
A US variant of this expression is rub elbows .
1943 Graham Greene The Ministry of Fear It wasn't exactly a criminal world, though eddying along its dim and muted corridors you might possibly rub shoulders with genteel forgers.
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rub ˈshoulders (with somebody)

(American English also rub ˈelbows (with somebody)) (informal) meet and spend time with rich or famous people, socially or as part of your job: I used to rub shoulders with some very wealthy people when I worked in banking.
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FANS are being given the chance to rub shoulders with the stars when the Europe MTV Awards come to the ECHO arena.
The likes of Fire And Rain, Something In The Way She Moves and Sweet Baby James still sound fresh as they rub shoulders with more recent work such as Mean Old Man and My Travelling Star.
It is pricey, but the new owners could rub shoulders with celebs such as Robin Williams and Michael Parkinson who have visited the Big Yin in Strathdon, Aberdeenshire.
HAPPY-GO-LUCKY Jessica (Cecile De France) takes a job as a waitress in a Parisian cafe to rub shoulders with arty types.
THE Queen got to rub shoulders with the dynasty of rock during the week when she met guitar legends Brian May, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton at a Buckingham Palace bash.
A new concert series in Co Durham libraries will see Lennon and McCart-ney rub shoulders with Handel and Gershwin.