rub salt in the wound

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rub salt in/into the wound

to make a difficult situation even worse for someone Losing was bad enough, having to watch them receiving the trophy just rubbed salt into the wound.
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And to rub salt into the wound, Bath fly-half Richie Butland dived over in injury time to wrap up two points which the visitors hardly deserved.
And Kean Seager, of the policyholder action group, said: "They always seem to be finding ways to rub salt into the wound.
And to rub salt into the wound the gifted young midfielder praised Rangers boss Dick Advocaat for giving his kids a chance.
However, it would rub salt into the wounds if some of the best paid civil and public servants are virtually getting off scot-free.
Just to rub salt into the wounds, I also backed Secret Society, who looked like Peking Prince in disguise when cruising up in the 7f handicap, only to find 40-1 poke Al Muheer too strong.
And to rub salt into the wounds, McKenna applied the killer touch with 25 minutes remaining.
To rub salt into the wounds, Glennon then booted the ball up field for Roberts to race clear and fire an unstoppable volley, before Flynn hit a stunning drive for the third.
Just to rub salt into the wounds, Newcastle added a third in the dying seconds when Kev Benson converted Ian Milbourne's close-range cross.