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roving eye

A propensity to be unfaithful to a romantic partner. Mary dumped Luke after discovering that he had a roving eye.
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have a roving eye

Euph. to be flirtatious; to be interested in having sexual relations outside of marriage. (Usually used to describe men.) Poor Maria. Her husband has a roving eye. When they were first married, he had a roving eye.
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a roving eye

a tendency to flirt or be constantly looking to start a new sexual relationship. informal
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have a roving ˈeye

(old-fashioned) be always looking for a chance to start a new love affair or get something that you want: Be careful of Brian — he’s got a roving eye.
See also: eye, have, roving
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Bush named Rove a senior adviser, and Rove immediately began strategising for the 2002 congressional elections and the 2004 presidential campaign.
Bush about an endorsement, Rove was "irate," and asked Cruz to return the donation, which Cruz did not do, according to an excerpt from Cruz's book, titled A Time for Truth, that was provided to the conservative news site Breitbart.
A report issued by the Treasury Department's inspector general said that decision was made in-house and was not the result of political pressure from the White House - or Democrats in Congress, as Rove has alleged.
Rove Mobile Admin Professional is priced at USD595 per client access license and Rove Mobile Admin Basics is priced at USD295 per client access license.
Con el sacrificio de Rove estara Bush tratando de impulsar una nueva dina mica en su administracion?
Karl Rove is moving on down the road," Mr Bush said, appearing grim-faced on the White House's South Lawn with Rove at his side.
Thirty-five percent of Americans say they either have never heard of Rove or have no opinion about him.
I hope one day Karl Rove will appreciate his stepfather as much as the gay community does.
Hillary emerges as such a formidable candidate in this context because she's the only Democrat who's absorbed the Freak-Show-defying lessons of Bill Clinton and Karl Rove.
Rove scattered his talk with the political buzzwords "comprehensive immigration reform," which means in both Spanish and English translation: amnesty.
Karl Rove, White House chief of staff and longtime GOP political adviser, seems to fit in this category.
KARL Rove, US President George Bush's chief political adviser, was one of the sources behind the leaked identity of a CIA agent, according to Newsweek.
White House Chief-of-Staff Andrew Card is not usually there, but newly anointed Deputy Chief-of-Staff Karl Rove is a recent addition.
Tuning a bow happens on the range, especially matching arrows, but fine tuning can take place on a rove.
Karl Rove, top political adviser to President George W.