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en route

Currently traveling to someone or something. We're en route to the party and should be there in five minutes. It looks like the package is en route and should arrive today.
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route someone or something around something

to send someone or something on a path that avoids something. The travel agent routed us around the congestion of the big city. Due to the storm, they routed the trains around the fallen bridge.
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route something to someone

to send something along a particular path to someone. Try to route this to Walter, who is on a ship at sea. I'll get the name of the ship for you. I will route a copy of the invoice to you.
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en route

On or along the way, as in We'll pick up Dan en route to the restaurant, or We can finish our discussion en route. This French term was adopted into English in the late 1700s.
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en ˈroute

(from French) on the way; while travelling from/to a particular place: We stopped for a picnic en route.The bus broke down en route from Boston to New York.
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Ipsum's Route Dynamics solution suite delivers unparalleled visibility into the operation of IP routed networks providing a significant reduction in the time to recognize, find and repair IP routing and protocol layer faults.
The routed GDSII file is then output to the verification tools before tape-out.
Crescent Networks today unveiled the VRX-1000(TM) Service Edge Router and the C-View Services Manager(TM) for the delivery of carrier-provided routed network services to medium and large enterprise customers, and service partners, including application service providers (ASPs), web hosting providers and network storage providers.
Today, service providers struggle to scale up the delivery of revenue-generating routed network services by deploying separate access routers for each customer and executing complex manual provisioning processes.
The VRX-1000 and C-View Services Manager was developed for the express purpose of enabling service providers to reduce the high capital equipment costs of providing today's routed network services while simultaneously driving down the enormous operational expenses associated with scaling up their network to meet market demands.
Crescent Networks' VRX-1000 supports a full spectrum of virtual routing functionality, with unprecedented density, scale, and flexibility, to enable profitable routed network services.
The C-View Services Manager is a complete software platform for flexible service creation and rapid provisioning of routed network services.