rout out of some place

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rout someone or something out of some place

 and rout someone or something out
to remove someone or something from some place by force. The soldiers routed the snipers out of the deserted buildings. They routed out the snipers.
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References in classic literature ?
salle a manger-salons = dining rooms-parlor; GREAT EMPORIUM[capitals in original] = New York City; Claude = Claude Lorrain(1600-1682), French landscape painter; Cole = Thomas Cole (1801-1848), American landscape painter; rout = evening party; Chausse d'Autin = Chaussee d'Antin, a fashionable Parisian street and neighborhood}
All these he had taken and, with the help of the gilt rout chairs, light and easy to move, had made an elaborate cave in which he could hide himself from the Red Indians who were lurking behind the curtains.
He wondered if all the fighting men had sallied forth in one supreme effort to rout the foe, leaving the city all unguarded.
The long lances, the heavy maces, the sixbladed battle axes, and the well tempered swords of the knights played havoc among them, so that the rout was complete; but, not content with victory, Prince Edward must glut his vengeance, and so he pursued the citizens for miles, butchering great numbers of them, while many more were drowned in attempting to escape across the Ouse.
Scarcely had the battle begun, when a great rout overwhelmed the Mice, who scampered off as fast as they could to their holes.
The gods must be proud, thought I, with such forked flashes to rout a poor unarmed fisherman.
Vanbrugh and Congreve copied nature; but they who copy them draw as unlike the present age as Hogarth would do if he was to paint a rout or a drum in the dresses of Titian and of Vandyke.