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roust someone out of something

 and roust someone out
to force someone out of something. Bob's brother rousted him out of bed just in time for the school bus. He rousted out his brother.
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1. tv. [for a police officer] to bother or interfere with someone; to arrest someone. (see also rousted. Underworld.) The cops rousted the gang without warning.
2. tv. to raid someone’s residence; to bust a person or place. (Underworld.) That bar was rousted last week.
3. n. a raid or a bust. Okay, stand still. This is a roust!


mod. arrested. (Underworld.) The cops rousted the dealers, but that didn’t even slow down the drug trade.
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In his latest release, ``Along Came Polly,'' playing nebbishy insurance actuary Reuben Feffer, Stiller scored a couple of love scenes with Jennifer Aniston, who plays a free spirit who semi- rousts Reuben from his psychic torpor.
Despite pleas from homeless advocates, the LAPD has continued regular rousts of homeless people, moving them from one place to another, Dennison said.
98) One of the few Elvis films that is worth renting for his co-star alone, the great Barbara Stanwyck, who owns the carnival where Elvis rousts about.