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roust someone out of something

 and roust someone out
to force someone out of something. Bob's brother rousted him out of bed just in time for the school bus. He rousted out his brother.
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1. tv. [for a police officer] to bother or interfere with someone; to arrest someone. (see also rousted. Underworld.) The cops rousted the gang without warning.
2. tv. to raid someone’s residence; to bust a person or place. (Underworld.) That bar was rousted last week.
3. n. a raid or a bust. Okay, stand still. This is a roust!


mod. arrested. (Underworld.) The cops rousted the dealers, but that didn’t even slow down the drug trade.
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Star colleagues My head groom, Enda Greehy, has not given in and has been on the gallops every day, rousting everybody along.
He's rousting assembled fans from their mid-afternoon stupors, beseeching them to make some spirited yet meaningless noise.
The Strike Force team went to work, paying informants and rousting gang-bangers (not that kind).
McCoy completed a double to put him within three of his double century for the season when rousting former point-to-pointer Possible Pardon to a spirited length and three-quarters victory over Our Jolly Swagman in the Frank Cundell Handicap Chase.
The Croatians conducted their own brand of ethnic cleansing, rousting 170,000 Serbs from the Krajina region and burning many of their homes down to the ground.
Wheel a seriously injured patient into most conventional operating rooms, and you usually get a Chinese fire drill: nurses dashing around looking for the right type blood and special equipment, interns trying to locate surgeons over the phone or rousting them from bed, bottlenecks in getting X-rays, CAT-scans, and lab work done.
For many business owners, opening their shop each day means facing fresh graffiti, rousting vagrants from doorways or hosing down parking lots that double as toilets," said Times Business Writer Lee Romney.
At Pontefract, McEvoy excelled on the 13-8 favourite Daylami Star, who traded at 8 in-running for pounds 162 as he needed rousting along almost throughout the tenfurlong maiden.
And all the underhanded Democratic tactics, and all the lying Democratic men (and women) and all the rancid Democratic campaigning could not stop ``we the people'' from rousting them out .
Averaging more than a winner a day throughout the month, he missed the winning ride on Red Peony, having been delayed travelling down form Carlisle, but he was seen at his best when rousting Dami home in the fillies' handicap.
House-breaking, handbag snatches, rousting down-and-outs for "mazzies", Nick was on a roll - and all while still in uniform.
Hankins also praised the rousting of another non-native species that had been inhabiting the area - man.
Davorin had needed plenty of rousting to win on his debut at Newmarket and he was stoked up again when working with two unraced companions who appeared to travel better.
the crowing starts from his neighbor's Sylmar back yard, rousting the councilman from his bed.
Rousting her mount after the last, whip in left hand, Ford was intent on not letting all her good work go to waste.