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roust someone out of something

 and roust someone out
to force someone out of something. Bob's brother rousted him out of bed just in time for the school bus. He rousted out his brother.
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1. tv. [for a police officer] to bother or interfere with someone; to arrest someone. (see also rousted. Underworld.) The cops rousted the gang without warning.
2. tv. to raid someone’s residence; to bust a person or place. (Underworld.) That bar was rousted last week.
3. n. a raid or a bust. Okay, stand still. This is a roust!


mod. arrested. (Underworld.) The cops rousted the dealers, but that didn’t even slow down the drug trade.
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Country: USASector: Food/Beverages/TobaccoTarget: Central European Distribution Corp (CEDC)Buyer: Russian Standard Corporation, Roust Trading Ltd, Roustam TarikoDeal size in USD: 277mType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: ClosedComment: Deal size refers to amount paid to CEDC's creditors.
CEDC said that its request and Roust Trading's willingness to make this gift had been premised on the absence of objections from other CEDC stakeholders and that the gift would not otherwise impede the approval and consummation of CEDC's fully consensual plan of reorganisation.
Roustam admitted that he was still somewhat naive in the early days of Roust Inc.
Flipping a bit between 0 and 1 would roust only two electrons, minimizing power use and heat.
In this novel, the devil is Musa, and his goal is to roust Jesus out of his cave and force him back into the world of commodities and trade.
We expect, from what we hear from bankers and developers, that 1996 will be better than last year, which was very strong," Roust says.
According to CEDCa[euro](tm)s statement, Russian Standard is offering in return assets held by Roust Inc, a Russian alcohol importer it owns, and debt restructuring assistance for CEDC.
If visitors disturb the peace, Leominster or Sterling police have the right to roust them but have little say on what the land is used for.
Trainer Paul Nicholls sent the favourite in search of a hat-trick after victories at Newton Abbot and over this course and distance, but Christian Williams had to roust him to shake-off Twill before Consulate emerged as a second and more potent threat turning for home.
Bradley added: 'He's not a typical sprinter; you can't roust him along or he will down tools.
The daughter of Alhaarth beat several future winners at the July meeting, including the fancy Fleet Of Light, before making all in a Class C Handicap at Glorious Goodwood to roust the field and score by three-lengths.
At Roustam's request, Manfred had also visited the headquarters of his organization, Roust Holding Ltd.
Currently, paper mills remain hungry for secondary fiber as a feedstock, and aggressive recyclers are beating the bushes to roust up the fiber they need.
T helper cells are the sergeants that roust T or B cells into action.
to roust anyone from sleep for any thought I might be guilty of.