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Applying this method, the reference measure of roundness is fixed to the spindle to be calibrated by means of the centring adjustable device.
The SEA system includes high-resolution noncontact capacitive displacement sensors, precision probe mounts, precise masterball targets with less than 100 nm of roundness error, temperature sensors and software to acquire and analyze the measurements.
In industrial practice, assessing the sphericity of an object requires measuring its roundness profiles in several selected cross-sections.
The wall thickness variation is simplified by the allowed tolerances of the inner wall roundness.
It also features a template with a 2-mm radius to measure the roundness of edges.
The blends had the roundness, sophistication and sweetness female drinkers sought, Necker said.
UK-based Optical Metrology Services (OMS), a specialist in precision measurement services and tools for such tasks as assuring the roundness of pipe to be welded and placed on the seabed, has won the Guild award for Significant Contribution to Subsea Pipeline Technology.
Wispy tapered ends can soften the look and lessen roundness.
The servo-controlled stroke system ensures a consistent crosshatch pattern and can dwell in any part of the bore, end-to-end, selectively removing stock for ultra-precise straightness and roundness.
Red, as in the tomatoes, is the colour that brings good luck while roundness, as in rolls and wraps, is all about completing projects with success.
The Series 900 is said to achieve concentricity or product roundness, which greatly reduces material usage compared with other types of extrusion tooling.
Measured characteristics include lengths, intersections, run-out, roundness, part axis pitch, diameters, radius, and other features.
Gellend: 'Cause everything is so round and it's all about roundness, circulars, and symmetry, and all these kinds of things.
To ensure high-quality printing, those tubes must meet stringent requirements for surface smoothness, roundness and straightness at micron-levels.