round/in these parts

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in these parts

Rur. around here; in this area. There aren't any big hospitals in these parts. Joe's the richest man in these parts.
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round/in ˌthese ˈparts

(old-fashioned) in this area: We don’t see many tourists round these parts.What are the food specialities in these parts?
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ROUND these parts we call our friends our mates or the lads.
Thee Penny Dreadfuls will be banging the drums for Northern Ireland - a band who don't get to play often enough round these parts.
I don't know whether spume was more common in Huddersfield a decade ago than now, but I would imagine it's always been a relatively sparse commodity round these parts.
And I apologised to him for besmirching his good name by mistakenly associating it with the baseless allegations against Iran that we often hear round these parts.
However, it is O'Neill who remains favourite and Leicester striker Steve Howard told Sky Sports News: "Obviously he is a bit of a legend round these parts, although I don't how likely it would be.
Don't hold your breath; round these parts we have a surfeit of easy-to-reach areas.
Everybody knows about Gary, he's well respected and a hero round these parts.
Once Keogh's decimated the wildlife round these parts, she'll pick on us, I fear.
The fine points of highway engineering, displayed with such assurance by people who don't live round these parts, omitted any reference to the effect on the appalling levels of noise and air pollution experienced by communities closest to the route, at the present time.
He said: "This lot really are worth having a look at, bearing in mind that seven-piece lute-playing and tight-wearing medieval prog folk bands don't happen round these parts that often.
He might be a megastar round these parts, but the Geordie Dancer still has to use good old public transport.
It's a good few years since we saw Dara round these parts, so it's great to see him back in Boro.
His reputation round these parts as someone who gets things done clearly does not impress the local Labour Party.
After the latest two Brits were replaced by those not from round these parts, the number of Premier League bosses born in the Britain and Ireland has dwindled to a mere, erm, 13 out of 20.
I can pretty much guarantee we'll not be able to find linguica sausages round these parts, but we should thank the Poles, of whom there are many in the Huddersfield area, for their kielbasa and kabanos, both of which would be fine substitutes here.