(a)round the corner

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(a)round the corner

1. In close proximity to another location. Said especially when traveling by car, often when literally approaching a corner. The store isn't far from here, it's just around the corner.
2. Imminent or likely to happen very soon. My little brother believes that an alien invasion is right around the corner and that we should prepare ourselves for life on another planet. Our company is devoted to the self-driving car and believes that its widespread use is right around the corner.
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around the corner

1. On the other side of a street corner, as in The doctor's office is around the corner from our house. [First half of 1800s]
2. Nearby, a short distance away, as in The nearest grocery store is just around the corner. [Early 1800s]
3. Very soon, imminent, as in You never know what stroke of luck lies just around the corner. [First half of 1900s]
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just around the corner


just round the corner

COMMON If something is just around the corner or just round the corner, it is going to happen very soon. With summer just around the corner, there couldn't be a better time to treat your home to a bright new look. General elections, of course, are just round the corner. Note: Around the corner and round the corner are also used in other structures and expressions with a similar meaning. Fearful that war was right around the corner, they promptly began to buy in extensive stores of food. There is a lot of concern about what may lie around the next corner.
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just around/round the ˈcorner

very near; soon to happen: We have been trying to develop the new drug for years, and now that success is just around the corner, the work must not be stopped.
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around the corner

About to happen; imminent.
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Suddenly all these boys came from round the corner.
The selection of our five athletes comes during an exciting era for Durham sport with 2012 just round the corner," said Durham's director of sport Peter Warburton.
A corporately acceptable emphasis was given to portals, axes, circular or semi-circular foci, straight avenues, grand steps, almost as if the elder Saarinen had never landed, never set up Cranbrook and its accompanying atelier where his son, as well as Roche, Dinkeloo, Venturi, Pelli, Lumsden or Vreeland worked round the corner from Eames and Bertoia.
SGT C said that he heard a lot of small arms fire and yelling, so he thought he would round the corner and size up the situation before advancing his team.
The car crash round the corner for most of the "Western governments is the fact that their demographics will not be able to support this scenario for long.
Use a variegated plant just as your eyeline disappears round the corner and - hey presto
The major market averages continue to trudge through negative territory as we round the corner toward the closing bell.
Only just round the corner are the shady trees, and the birds singing on the branches, and the sunshine is flecking the pathway.
6 (ANI): With the completion of a year of the Centre's demonetisation drive round the corner, State Bank of India (SBI) Chairman Rajnish Kumar claimed that any negative impact that it caused is now 'behind us'.
It was a young fella and his girlfriend who I think saw it happen, I didn't see it happen I just came round the corner moments later, they called the ambulance.
I will know old age has come, When I lose urge To see what is round the corner, And I let dream and reality merge I will know I have reached old age, When I neglect to turn page Of my newspaper to disagree With what politicians say.
The pub on the corner was Ledo's Cafe, then round the corner was Bartholomew Row, where there was a factory called Perkin & Powell, which is where I worked before I went in the army.
I used to take the tram car from Coatsworth Road to the bottom of Bensham Road then I got off and walked round the corner into West Street where Broughs the grocer's had a branch.
I noticed this the other day at the very wide crossing at the junction of St Mary Street and Wood Street, where half a dozen people crossed just as a bus came round the corner.
Look at who you might find Round The Corner on their special HD machines IF you are heading to Aviemore or Lothian and Borders Police and now IF you are heading to Aviemore or Knockhill this weekend, watch out for these two dudes.