round the clock

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(a)round the clock

Nonstop. We have been working round the clock to solve this issue with your security system, but it's going to take us another 24 hours to get it back online. Doctors have been working on him around the clock, but his condition is still critical.
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(a)round the clock

Fig. continuously for twenty-four hours at a time. The priceless jewels were guarded around the clock. Grandfather was so sick that he had to have nurses round the clock.
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round the clock


around the clock

COMMON If you do something round the clock or around the clock, you do it continuously, throughout the day and night. Fire crews were working round the clock to bring the huge blaze under control. Detectives watched him around the clock. Note: Round-the-clock and around-the-clock can be used before a noun to describe work that is being done continuously, throughout the day and night. Staff alerted police and a round-the-clock surveillance of the four men began. We can't afford to give you around-the-clock protection.
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round (or around) the clock

all day and all night; ceaselessly.
1992 Susan Sontag The Volcano Lover The mountain was…guarded round the clock by a ring of armed soldiers mounted on nervous horses.
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around/round the ˈclock

for twenty-four hours without stopping: The police watched the house round the clock but no one went in or came out.Her mother needs round-the-clock care and attention.
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We were the first in our area to remain open until the early hours of the day, but there are several others in the same place these days that work round the clock," said the manager of a supermarket in Najma.
Tailing round the clock, surveillance on the house, reports filed, expenses claimed for three weeks by a number of employees?
Gary Dixon, customer services director, said: "We are working round the clock to return things to normal.
The department will notify the activities that will enjoy this advantage, he said, adding that other outlets will not be allowed to work round the clock without the special licence.
Round the clock licences can only mean trouble, with brawls and the constant wail of emergency vehicles, making a living nightmare for local residents.
Of those, 25 already opened round the clock and wanted a 24-hour alcohol licence to match that.
The site claims to have security experts-including former CIA and National Security Agency types-poring round the clock over 5,000 information sources on 180 countries.
According to Home Depot spokesperson John Simley, "the authorities in Prince George's County have asked us to keep the three stores open round the clock.
LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) wishes to issue the following update to its release BW6008 (CA-LADWP) "Rain Brings Scattered Power Outages - LADWP Crews Work Round the Clock to Restore Power" issued earlier Monday:
Tenders are invited for Round the clock security upkeep maintenance of Running Room including lawn & Garden in Running Room premises at Moradabad Cooking & Serving of food including subsidized meals to occupants of Running Room (RR) Round the clock serving of Train ordering calls to occupants of RR Collection of soiled linens from RR and delivering back duly washed & ironed linens providing washed linens to every occupant at Running room of Moradabad for a period of 2 years.
According to details, the staffers would be deputed round the clock to provide information to the people.
Vehicles of elite force will patrol round the clock around the ijtima.
Major-General Mohammed Al Marri, Director-General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, said residents and visitors may also call the immigration toll free number 8005111 all the week and round the clock if they have any inquiries.
In the meantime, the source affirmed that the department is engaging all its doctors in the work round the clock.
Not only did young Miss Harriet B scoop [pounds sterling]2,079 at the site's Round the Clock game, she did it only days after registering.