round off

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round something off (with something)

to finish something with something; to complement something with something. We rounded the meal off with a fine cognac. We rounded off the meal with a sinful dessert.
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round something off

to change a number to the next higher or lower whole number. (See also round off to something.) You should round 8.122 off. I rounded off 8.789 to 9.
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round off

1. Change a number to the closest whole number or the closest multiple of 10. For example, Rounding it off, I expect the new school addition will cost a million dollars.
2. Also, round out. Finish, complete, especially in a neat or perfect way. For example, They rounded off the dinner with a magnificent liqueur, or That stamp rounded out his collection. [Mid-1700s; variant, mid-1800s] Also see round out.
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CUP PRIDE: Billingham Rangers Under-8s, above, matched their summer success by winning the Middlesbrough Football Club in the Community Winter Cup to round off a great 2007; TRIUMPHANT: VFM Scooters, left, cruised to an Under-9 Junior League and Cup double and also lifted the Junior Winter Cup
com Our peaceful room allowed us to round off a brilliant trip with a fabulous night's sleep - the only drawbacK was having to get up in the morning and drive bacK home.
Now can Warwickshire round off the season in the grand manner at Lord's tomorrow?
Blue Square have also been pleased with the way the commercial tie-up has gone, with the firm's PR manager Alan Alger saying: "It is fantastic to round off our five meetings with such a valuable card.
War of attrition will round off a memorable season by competing in the Guinness Gold Cup at the Punchestown Festival.
They then had the honour of receiving the prestigious Victoria Trophy from the Sheriff of Nottingham to round off a superb day.
Striker Michael Ricketts further pressed his claims for an England call-up with a superb cameo to round off Bolton's emphatic victory in style.
Ken Venturi also chose Loren Roberts to round off the 12-man team that will try to win back the cup from an International team Oct.
And the 20-1 shot helped round off a sensational 8189-1 first-ever treble for the Scots handler.
A generous selection of photos and a chronology of all works through 1993 round off a biography that anyone interested in dance should welcome and most choreographers would kill for.
Adaptations addressing latest technology requirements round off SAS' latest product developments announced to roughly 2000 visitors attending SAS Forum International in Geneva.
SOUTHPORT manager Liam Watson says victory over Bath City tomorrow would round off a fantastic week - as Kevin Lee hands the Sandgrounders a selection poser.
The Royal George at Birdlip, a few miles from Cheltenham racecourse off the A417, offers the perfect way to round off a day at the races.
Liam O'Keefe also found the net in the second period and Matthew Thomas netted the final goal at 38:32 to round off a 15-0 victory.
Mark weavill is hoping to round off a memorable week by seeing England beat Tonga and claim the Federation Shield.