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run roughshod over (someone or something)

To treat someone or something with marked disdain, brutality, or contempt; to act without regard for the well-being of something or someone. In her ascent to the top of the political ladder, the senator ran roughshod over anyone who stood in her way. This new administration has run roughshod over the political goodwill that the previous president forged with the recent foreign ally.
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ride roughshod over someone or something

 and run roughshod over someone or something
Fig. to treat someone or something with disdain or scorn. Tom seems to ride roughshod over his friends. You shouldn't have come into our town to ride roughshod over our laws and our traditions.
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ride roughshod over somebody/something

also run roughshod over somebody/something
to act without caring about how you will effect someone or something He was a bully and rode roughshod over his workers whenever he felt they weren't working hard enough.
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ride roughshod over something/somebody

to act in the way you want to, ignoring rules, traditions, or other people's wishes They accused the government of riding roughshod over parliamentary procedure. He cannot be allowed to ride roughshod over his colleagues with his ambitious plans.
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ride roughshod over

Act without regard for the feelings or interests of others, as in She just forges on, riding roughshod over her colleagues. This term alludes to the practice of arming horses with horseshoes mounted with projecting nails or points, which both gave them better traction and served as a weapon against fallen enemy soldiers. By 1800 it was being used figuratively for bullying behavior.
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ride roughshod over

To treat with brutal force: a manager who rode roughshod over all opposition.
See also: ride, roughshod
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It has run roughshod over communities by allowing high streets to die and pubs to close at the rate of 20 a week.
This policy is misguided and would ride roughshod over local people's views
One of the key differences between Sweeney and Andy Stern is that Sweeney remained true to the principles of union democracy and rank and file control, while Stern is committed to a corporate form of union organization that runs roughshod over the labor movement's best traditions of union democracy.
American Gestapo: How the BATF is Riding Roughshod Over Civil Liberties"
Tesco is believed to have lodged a restrospective planning application, but Parfetts MD Steve Parfett said: "This is another example of big business riding roughshod over everything in its way.
The Tory-run council are rushing this whole process and riding roughshod over heads, teachers, governors and parents,' he said.
We believe it's time the American people wake up to the fact that our judicial system is running roughshod over our Christian heritage, and we as veterans want to stand up and say that," Cabaniss told The Birmingham News.
From the factors that have promoted the domination of corporate influence, to how that influence has pressured governments to privatize public services, deregulate industry, and remove social and environmental protections, to the roughshod treatment of small business, organized labor, and individual citizens, and much more, Europe Inc.
To support her arguments she resorts to readings and paraphrases that ride roughshod over the sources.
When Ji makes direct reference to his national heritage, he gives it a transformative twist without riding roughshod over it.
They're running roughshod over the working families, roughshod over the family farmers, roughshod over the children and old folks, roughshod not only over poor people but now over the middle class, roughshod over our air and water and food, roughshod over our very concept of sovereignty that we the people should be self-governing.
His desert raiders ran roughshod over the Germans for 15 months until his capture
Others fancy a hamburger served roughshod a paper plate.
They are about clean-cut, straight-down-the-middle, grown-up rock, not riding roughshod or surfing support-slot chaos.
A sound track that is painfully over-wrought rides roughshod over our nerves, as does the banal psychological and religious content, at best, adolescent.