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Short-sale activity actually slightly increased in October, going from approximately 6,400 in September to roughly 6,600 in October, according to HOPE NOW data.
Audubon and has committed roughly 300 bird songs to memory since becoming fascinated by birds as a child.
By roughly -- years ago, Earth had entered a(n) -- period, or a time during an ice age when temperatures plunge.
Roughly 3 percent of students in any given year fail by only one point.
Currently, there are 134 retailers, such as FTD, Dell Home Systems, and Reebok, advertising roughly 3 million products.
Roughly half of the respondents (51%) knew that the Koran was the Islamic holy book while a little less than half of the sample (47%) replied that Mecca was the holiest Islamic city and that monotheism was commonly shared by Muslims, Jews, and Christians (45%).
Shallow offshore regions of the Gulf of Mexico, dotted with roughly 10,000 wells after half a century of production have, says Holtberg, "been drilled practically to death.
Drugs to treat glaucoma, eye infection, and inflammation accounted for roughly 45 percent of gross sales, while neurotoxins used to control muscle contraction and spasms--the company's fastest-growing unit--represented about 15 percent of sales.
Roughly two years have passed since the global financial crisis triggered by the Russian default, the collapse of Long Term Capital Management, the of capital controls by Malaysia, and the large devaluation in Brazil.
They comprise roughly 85 percent of Jews worldwide.
Contrary to the media-generated perception that young children are dying every day as a result of firearm accidents, 1991 National Safety Council figures show that handgun accidents killed 10 to 15 children under the age of 6 - roughly the same number poisoned after accidentally ingesting iron supplements.
Lewis, counsel to the debtor, said the retailer listed in its bankruptcy filing liabilities of roughly $10 million, including $3.
The ball had to ravel roughly 35 to 40 yards to a point within 2 to 3 yards of the goalpost and roughly 5 to 8 feet in the air.
The Prince" begins with Machiavelli's book and the Medici of Florence as an illustration of it, then moves on to Philip II, Elizabeth I, the Stuarts and the English Civil War roughly 1450-1650).
Electricar has assembled roughly 50,000 electric vehicles since 1946.