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To ensure our having horses at the proper stations, and being incommoded by no strangers, the proprietors sent an agent on the box, who was to accompany us the whole way through; and thus attended, and bearing with us, besides, a hamper full of savoury cold meats, and fruit, and wine, we started off again in high spirits, at half-past six o'clock next morning, very much delighted to be by ourselves, and disposed to enjoy even the roughest journey.
Loosely attired, in the coarsest and roughest garb, with scraps of straw and hay--his usual bed-- clinging here and there, and mingling with his uncombed locks, he had fallen asleep in a posture as careless as his dress.
It is Brits working for low wages, or looking for work, who are dealt the roughest hand.
Daisy-chain webbing makes attaching accessories simple, and the pack will stand up to your roughest treatment thanks to durable YKK coil zippers with handy U-pulls, water-resistant 210-denier nylon mini-ripstop material and a rugged 600-denier reinforced bottom.
Operating in one of the roughest parts of Norwich, her great great grand-father and his workers were turning out up to 800 loaves a day.
Disc 1: In The Beginning (KLBJ-FM radio broadcast produced by Wayne Bell Recorded April 1, 1980; Austin, Texas) In The Open Slide Thing They Call Me Guitar Hurricane All Your Love I Miss Loving Tin Pan Alley (aka Roughest Place In Town) Love Struck Baby Tell Me Shake For Me Live Another Day
Due to financing issues, the roughest terrain segment of 35 km has not yet started.
In the roughest neighbourhoods of south LA, he has a terrifying encounter with a 'weaponised' dog, trained to attack on command, and goes on patrol with the Dogman, whose mission is to rescue some of the thousands of stray and feral pit bulls roaming the streets.
Let''s hope she does a better job for the farmers than she did for the poor disabled people who have had the roughest of rides under this government.
Potiphar is given the roughest time: "If it were up to her, she would be the only unfaithful wife in Genesis.
Snijders, which is provided in two iterations: the first, roughest sketch as well as an initial revision.
Terry, said: "I am a northern lad from the roughest part of post-war Sunderland.
Get your topo maps and aerial photos out and find the thickest cover, roughest terrain and hardest-to-reach locations.
Throughout the roughest of surroundings and harshest weather conditions it remains strong and thrives," the 31-year-old star added.
For long load and carry operations, the optional Glide Ride feature with the Super Boom design ensures a smooth ride over the roughest job site.