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talk rot

1. To say foolish things; to talk of nonsense. Don't pay Jonathan any mind, Mary, he's just talking rot again.
2. To exaggerate one's achievements or knowledge of some subject; to bluff or boast. Dorothy keeps saying she can outrun anyone in our school, but she's talking rot if you ask me. It seemed like the candidate was talking rot for a while when the debate turned to the topic of tax policy and law.
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rot away

to decompose; to decompose and fall away. The fallen trees rotted away and surrendered their nutrients to the soil. As the wood rotted away, it became rich humus.
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rot off

to decompose. If you don't clean and repaint that old windowsill, it will rot off. A few old branches finally rotted off, but the ancient tree looked as if it would survive the wet spell.
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rot out

to decompose and fall out. If you don't clean your teeth regularly, they'll rot out! Some of the rafters in the shed rotted out, but we replaced them easily.
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the rot sets in

if the rot sets in, a situation starts to get worse If couples stop communicating, that's when the rot really sets in.
See stop the rot
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stop the rot

to do something to prevent a situation from continuing to get worse The team had been suffering low morale before Smith was brought in to stop the rot.
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rot out

1. To become completely hollow or ruined by decay or decomposition: If you don't see a dentist, your teeth will rot out. The abandoned building might collapse because its walls have rotted out.
2. To cause something to become completely hollow or ruined by decay or decomposition: The water from the leaky sink rotted out the floor boards. All that candy will rot your teeth out.
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n. a skin irritation or disease characterized by itching in the genital area, usually said of males. (see also grunge.) What will get rid of crotch-rot?


n. nonsense. Don’t give me any more of your rot. Speak straight with me.

Rots of ruck!

exclam. Lots of luck! (Mocking a Japanese pronunciation.) Have a good trip, and rots of ruck!
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software rot

n. an imaginary disease that causes computer programs to go bad over a long period of time. (Computers.) What you have here is not a bug, but just plain old software rot.
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It would be best to replace the rotted sills--replacement is always the best option for rotted wood.
In contrast to Verticillium early dying, Erwinia-induced early dying is always associated with rotted seed pieces, warm soil temperatures and high soil moisture.
The city put up a wooden fence between the Julians' home and the property, but the wooden fence rotted and recently collapsed.
You should find that most of what has gone into the compost heaps has rotted down with the exception of the very uppermost layers.
Once rotted down autumn leaves make a dark brown crumbly soil improver.
When the nettles have finally rotted down, strain off the liquid and dilute to about 3 parts to 1 with water before using.
Before I restored the 18 units with AZEK, the wood looked horrible and was completely rotted out.
The decay extends in a cone shape toward the apple core and the rotted area is firm and brown.
Earlier tree "surgeons" used chisels to try to remove the rotted wood, but were never successful, as the decay extends well beyond the hollow.
The birds tend not to bother recovering a perishable treat stored long enough to have rotted.
The beer pallets have rotted and there's nothing flashy about it, I can tell you that.
A lot of times," he says, "wood begins to rot from the center--it appears to be perfectly sound on the surface, but the core is rotted.
You can observe any large blisters, rotted surfaces, low or high spots, and you can feel soft spots and water blisters underfoot.