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talk rot

1. To say foolish things; to talk of nonsense. Don't pay Jonathan any mind, Mary, he's just talking rot again.
2. To exaggerate one's achievements or knowledge of some subject; to bluff or boast. Dorothy keeps saying she can outrun anyone in our school, but she's talking rot if you ask me. It seemed like the candidate was talking rot for a while when the debate turned to the topic of tax policy and law.
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dry rot

A disease caused by fungi that thrives in humid, poorly-ventilated areas and causes wood to decay. The contractor thinks that dry rot has caused this part of the roof to cave in.
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stop the rot

To prevent further damage, loss, negative effects, etc., during a problematic situation. If we don't stop the rot now, the company might be in jeopardy of collapsing. We don't have time to figure out a long-term solution. For now, we just have to stop the rot.
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the rot sets in

The situation deteriorates. When you start charging everything to credit cards, that's when the rot sets in, and you've dug a hole too big to get out of. It's clear that the management isn't trying to retain this as a viable business. The rot has set in for sure.
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rot away

to decompose; to decompose and fall away. The fallen trees rotted away and surrendered their nutrients to the soil. As the wood rotted away, it became rich humus.
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rot off

to decompose. If you don't clean and repaint that old windowsill, it will rot off. A few old branches finally rotted off, but the ancient tree looked as if it would survive the wet spell.
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rot out

to decompose and fall out. If you don't clean your teeth regularly, they'll rot out! Some of the rafters in the shed rotted out, but we replaced them easily.
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the rot sets in

a rapid succession of (usually unaccountable) failures begins.
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the rot sets ˈin

a situation starts to get worse: The rot really set in when the team’s best player left the club last year.
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stop the ˈrot

stop something getting worse, especially in politics or business: Our company’s profits were falling, so a new director was appointed to stop the rot.
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rot out

1. To become completely hollow or ruined by decay or decomposition: If you don't see a dentist, your teeth will rot out. The abandoned building might collapse because its walls have rotted out.
2. To cause something to become completely hollow or ruined by decay or decomposition: The water from the leaky sink rotted out the floor boards. All that candy will rot your teeth out.
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n. a skin irritation or disease characterized by itching in the genital area, usually said of males. (see also grunge.) What will get rid of crotch-rot?


n. nonsense. Don’t give me any more of your rot. Speak straight with me.

Rots of ruck!

exclam. Lots of luck! (Mocking a Japanese pronunciation.) Have a good trip, and rots of ruck!
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software rot

n. an imaginary disease that causes computer programs to go bad over a long period of time. (Computers.) What you have here is not a bug, but just plain old software rot.
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Leaves and flowers of crude extracts were also used to evaluate the antimicrobial effect on bacterium causing soft rot of Irish potatoes in Musanze District of Rwanda.
Both plants leaves extracts exhibited almost identical antimicrobial activity on Erwinia carotovora causing soft rot of Irish potatoes.
Erwinia carotovora is the major cause of soft rot in potatoes leading to spoilage and food insecurity in Musanze District of Rwanda.
These logs were selected so that they showed different white-rot degrees: incipient rot (disc B), intermediate rot (disc C), and severe rot (disc D), each degree corresponding to the percentage of affected area, approximately 10, 25, and 45 percent, respectively.
In the case of samples with rot, the difference between measured ([t.
It is possible to observe that the average physical parameter values obtained for samples with incipient and intermediate rot are significantly different from values obtained in sound wood.
By adding a sugar (2-deoxy-D-glucose) to the antagonistic yeast Candida saitoana, Wilson and El Ghaouth have come up with a new biocontrol agent to protect peaches and apples from postharvest rots.
You've just encountered the work of a group of molds that cause fruit rot.
On the surfaces of fruits, they've found several naturally occurring yeasts that prevent rot pathogens from attacking and decaying the fruit.
In addition to peaches, they have used UV light to reduce black mold and bacterial soft rots of onions; Fusarium and Rhizopus soft rots of sweet potatoes; black mold, gray mold, and Rhizopus rot of tomatoes; and green mold of tangerines.
But Pusey says more research is needed before UV light can be used in commercial systems to prevent storage rots.
Rots hit the fruit; diseases assault the tree; and nematodes thrive on the roots.
Lenticel rot is characterized by dry and sunken discolored lesions surrounding potato tuber lenticels.
Lenticel rot is often associated with a potato plant disease called Erwinia early dying (Powelson 1985).
They're scrutinizing the high-tech tubers not only for soft rot resistance, but also for size and other traits important to growers and consumers.