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by rote

[of learning or memorizing] done as habit and without thinking. I simply memorized the speech by rote. I don't know what it means. The student learns everything by rote and doesn't really understand the concepts.
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learn something by heart

Fig. to learn something so well that it can be written or recited without thinking; to memorize something. The director told me to learn my speech by heart. I had to go over it many times before I learned it by heart.
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learn something by rote

Fig. to learn something by memorizing without giving any thought to what is being learned. I learned history by rote; then I couldn't pass the test that required me to think. If you learn things by rote, you'll never understand them.
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by heart

exactly and from memory You know the telephone number by heart, don't you?
Usage notes: often used with know, learn, recite, and play: I studied piano for two years, and all I learned to play by heart was "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."
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by rote

automatically and without understanding The children had learned number facts by rote and could calculate quickly.
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by heart

Also, by rote. From memory; also, mechanically. For example, Betty had trouble learning the song by heart, but her teacher insisted on it, or Japanese schools put heavy emphasis on learning by rote. These terms are often put as know by heart or learn by rote . The first term was already used by Chaucer (in Troilus and Cressida). The variant, also dating from the 1300s, often implies mere memorization without deeper understanding. Both phrases remain in use, although this form of learning is no longer so widespread as it once was. Also see commit to memory.
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learn by heart

Also, learn by rote. See under by heart.
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by heart

Learned by rote; memorized word for word.
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Nevertheless, in the case of rote exercises during the lesson, working hands together will be the fastest route to achieving perfect coordination and a musical phrase.
The National Curriculum says addition, subtraction and multiplication facts should be taught, but teaching methods emphasised number patterns and calculation procedures rather than rote learning.
Our industry's positive rote in the global carbon cycle extends beyond biomass fuels.
Humanist pedagogical treatises (at least) call for alluring the pupil to the delights of learning, by contrast with the rote memorization held to be characteristic of Scholastic training.
A second type of distributed computing enlists PC owners in such rote, time-consuming tasks as proofreading, filing, and cataloging.
Rather, rote learning, memorization of subject matter, and "what is on the test" may make up the total curriculum.
But in 1974, an Initiative was submitted by the SP/PS party to maintain the Rote Fabrik as a culture and leisure centre.
Yesterday, Mr Alex Rote, from the satellite systems installation company, insisted it was not breaking the law and claimed the firm was being singled out for legal action.
The rate of flare-ups decreases during pregnancy, but after delivery the rote is higher than normal for a few months.
That training is built on a foundation of learning, by rote, an enormous amount of information about the human body, about diseases, symptoms and therapies, about tests and diagnostics.
Such a deficiency can be traced to a method of teaching that overemphasizes memorization and rote learning.
Unfortunately, group insurance plans are often sold by rote.
He is excited about his new rote and has started planning the project with industrial adviser, primary health care Chris Wilson and Te Runanga o Aotearoa NZNO representative Keelan Ransfield.
Shaak's young students learn both how to play pieces by rote and to read music notation.
Importers need today's dollar exchange rote to hold and for producers to absorb much of the tin plate and fuel costs increases for prices to be similar to last season.