root around

root around (for something)

to dig or shuffle in or through something, looking for something. Alice rooted around in her desk drawer for a pen. I'll root around here and see if I can find it.
See also: around, root
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Our love of having a good old root around scrapyards means that 90% of materials used to create it have been hand-picked and upcycled.
We still need more donations and are appealing to everyone in the local community to have a root around in their home and donate any unwanted items - don't forget we offer a free collection service for larger household items, having a clear out has never been so easy.
Mr E Green Swinton, South Yorks Hi Mr Green, This is a tough one as koi love to root around at the bottom of the pond and will eat most plants.
Seeing Jean's state of agitation, Stacey is more determined than ever to discover what the key unlocks and sneaks off to her mum's house to root around.
We're appealing for everyone to have a root around their home and donate any unwanted items.
AT the first sign of summer, Teessiders tend to get straight in the shed and root around for the barbecue and deckchairs.
Vehement Knives emphasized the ability of their knives to withstand hard use, and that one of their knives, the EOD/UXO Dig Knife was designed to root around in the ground looking for unexploded ordnance in war zones, as well as cutting down limbs and other chores around camp sites.
I'm not someone who is really bothered by having strange hands root around in my mouth per se but I can imagine that for many people it's their idea of hell.
Horowitz added, "With rental rates expected to rise, as an entirely new submarket takes root around them, SBLI USA sought to gain certainty in its future occupancy costs by fixing an eight year lease extension, almost four years in advance of its lease expiration.
If you root around there are plenty of friendly Bordeaux out there for under a tenner and the CALVERT LA FLEUR BARON 2010 BORDEAUX (PS7.
At least her being out of the house gives Ashley a chance to sneak in, get himself something to eat, and root around for some of his valuable possessions which he can pawn.
Or how about Cash in The Attic, where you can watch Angela Rippon root around in some poor sod's drawers for dusty antiques to sell at auction.
As each floor rotates independently from the other, the Dynamic Tower will constantly change its profile, in a new architectural concept that is taking root around the world.
Earlswood Village Museum, based at Earlswood Village Hall in Shutt Lane, is calling on people to root around their attics and dig out old photographs of the area to share with others.
By using this unique air bladder to adjust their buoyancy, or ability to float, rattails can root around the seafloor in search of food.