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1] Ornate rooms signaled wealth and taste, and therefore social superiority, as the wealthy invested their objects and their homes with meanings, expressed through an encoded polite behavior, which, it has been argued, sharpened class distinctions.
For more information on Snoezelen rooms and equipment, visit these Web sites:
Mailers result in about a 5 to 7 percent response rate for most boiler rooms.
For many gay people, chat rooms provide a place where they can be themselves without really having to open the closet door.
In fact, 70% of business travelers use hotel rooms as their office on the road.
Because the rooms are identified by colors, it was necessary to print the 17- by 22-inch map in full color (spot color, not process color).
Then, while dressing for dinner on Sunday evening, I heard a television report that the President's party would be taking two hundred rooms at the Del Coronado.
The new owners will immediately rechristen the 26-floor property on East Ohio Street the Chicago City Centre Hotel & Sports Club and launch a property-wide design change encompassing guest rooms, public spaces, 17,000 square feet of convention and meeting space and the addition of a three-meal restaurant.
They are especially good when lighting entire rooms for long periods of time, more than one or two hours.
I've seen lots of rooms with time spent on pretty windows, raised stages, curtains, and moveable furniture," says Ewing, "when in practice, the furniture will never get moved, the window shades will never get opened, and the projectors are used only hours every day so that having one that can electronically retract into the ceiling is useful.
Some of the properties more unusual amenities are its automatic window blinds, retractable television screens, intercom system throughout the home, full gymnasium, two game rooms, custom-designed closets, a second kitchen, and a dumb waiter system.
Olympic Training Center, Gray has revamped several high-school weight rooms, including a 6,000 square-foot facility at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA.
NEWHALL -- The Santa Clarita Senior Center will expand an activity room this fall after receiving some funding and operational approval on Tuesday from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.
We implicitly assumed that all rooms within a building are remediated simultaneously, so as to minimize the effect of inter-room contamination within a building.
with 257 rooms, just completed a several million dollar renovation and is located in the Twin Cities Airport area.