roll out

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roll something out

1. to bring or take something out by rolling it; to push something out on wheels. Jane rolled her bike out to show it off. Alice rolled out her bicycle for us to see.
2. to flatten something by rolling it. You should roll the pastry out first. They rolled out the steel in a huge mill.
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roll out something

also roll something out
to offer a new product or service to the public The provider plans to roll out its new Internet access service next month. They've experimented with the system in regional markets, and will roll it out nationally this fall.
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roll out

1. Get out of bed, as in I rolled out around six o'clock this morning. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
2. Introduce, disclose, as in They rolled out the new washing machine with great fanfare.
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roll out

1. To move out of something or some place by rolling: The ball rolled out the door and down the steps.
2. To unfold and spread out something that has been rolled up: We rolled out our sleeping bags on the ground. The coach rolled the mats out for the gymnastics competition.
3. To make something flat by rolling a cylindrical object over it: The pastry chef rolled the dough out. The sculptor rolled out the clay.
4. To present something; to make something available: A lot of stores roll out their best bargains at the end of the year.
5. To get out of bed: We didn't get to bed until almost sunrise, and we finally rolled out at noon.
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The USG II can support up to 2,000 simultaneous users, providing a complete suite of functionality enabling large scale roll outs of public-access networks in a variety of venue types and sizes including hotels, airports and convention centers.
This win demonstrates the power of Advantage and its ability to meet the needs of software developers who are building database applications for large-scale roll outs.
In the past, building a comprehensive security layer to protect custom applications deployed on the BEA WebLogic platform often required development work that slowed down project roll outs," said Eric Olden, chief technology officer, Securant Technologies.
As Netro's customers are getting to a more mature stage of their network build out, they are buying fewer base stations and more customer premise equipment (CPE) in order to increase commercial roll outs.
However, Netro as a market leader plans to take advantage of these large roll outs to gain high volume material purchasing and manufacturing process cost benefits, according to Khare.