roll onto

roll onto (someone or something)

1. To move on top of someone or something in a rolling motion, on wheels, or atop or in something with wheels on it. The van rolled onto his foot, breaking several bones. Our ball rolled onto our neighbor's lawn. She managed to her feet out of the saddle before the horse rolled onto her after the fall.
2. To cause someone or something to move on top of someone or something else in a rolling motion, on wheels, or atop or in something with wheels on it. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "roll" and "onto." They rolled some large stones onto the tarp to keep it from blowing away. The paramedics had to roll him onto the bed from the stretcher.
3. To apply a coat of some substance onto someone or something with something that rolls. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "roll" and "onto." You'll need to roll two or three coats of paint onto the wall before you get an even color. He rolled the deodorant onto his armpits.
4. To move or proceed onto some new task or activity. Make sure you check each article for errors before you roll onto the next one. We should be able to roll onto a new project by the end of the month.
See also: roll

roll something onto something

 and roll something on
to apply something or a coat of a substance by rolling something saturated with the substance on the thing to be coated. You should roll another coat of paint onto this wall over here. Roll on another coat.
See also: roll
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Once the operator loads the roll onto the conveyor everything else takes place in a pre programmed sequence.
21pm on Monday that his Peugeot 308 had left the road and collided with a hedgerow, causing it to roll onto its roof.
The impact of the collision caused the truck to roll onto its roof and slide an additional 110 feet,'' police said.
Ah, my love let's treasure these moments watching passive waves roll onto the shore.
Just place the roll onto the unwind support and the material is fed to the traveling knife assembly.
The collision caused Wiuff's vehicle to roll onto the passenger side, police said.
THE latest versions of Mazda's popular supermini, the Mazda2, are ready to roll onto the roads of Britain with a wider choice of variants, new styling features, revised interior trim and a modified rear suspension system.
To apply, brush or roll onto the ceramic or glass piece.
Fortunately he had the presence of mind to roll onto his back and his heavy-duty pack took the force of the explosion.
When in this position, stay either on the toes or roll onto the outside of the left foot (Photo 10).
Years ago, the organization scheduled each surfing contest on an exact date--crossing their fingers that big waves would roll onto shore on contest day.
The new High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, known by the acronym HIMARS, can roll onto an Air Force C-130 transport aircraft.
To feel this more strongly, roll onto your side and balance there.
And he was amazed as he watched his ball skip over the flat fairway, roll onto the green and into the cup.