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rocky road

a difficult period of time. Bob's been going down quite a rocky road since his divorce.
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walking on rocky socks

mod. alcohol intoxicated. He looks like he’s walking on rocky socks.
See also: on, rocky, sock, walking
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Max said: "The new music is perhaps less synthy and a bit rockier.
CANADIAN singer/songwriter Leeroy Stagger flies over next month to showcase his new album Truth Be Sold, a rockier take on his renowned roots feel, which is out on July 8.
The relationship between municipal bonds and pension funds may be even rockier in Stockton, California.
At Grandtully on Easter weekend, water levels were unusually low, making the course narrower and rockier, however, another clean, fast second run secured his position as 11th premier and second junior.
He has the potential and keen determination to achieve his dreams but when he sets the plans in motion to realise them, he soon finds that the road to the top is rockier than it first looked.
Firmly in thrall to the rockier side of Brit-pop, each track had a definite Oasis feel to it, with the occasional diversion into Cast territory, but they did it with some aplomb.
The Cronin boys' version has now been dubbed 'The Rockier Road To Poland' and they insist it's much different to the official FAI song.
The report found that about two-thirds of beaches in New England and the mid-Atlantic had eroded over the last 150 years, albeit more slowly along the rockier shores of New England.
But just as my interest began to fade I was woken up by a step up in tempo with rockier number All The Eastern Girls, which has the crowd cheering and dancing along.
Broke away from the Idol formula with rockier second album Breakaway, which contained smash hit Since You've Been Gone, and her amped-up image turned her into a household name.
Martin Jol is on borrowed time at Tottenham and his position will be rockier if his team fail to win tonight
All in all, this one is sort of for the artsier, indie rock crowd; although it seems like it's getting artier and indie rockier, and not so much with the skating action.
The image clearly distinguishes between broad, sediment-rich areas where the seismic waves traveled at slower-than-average speeds, such as the Los Angeles Basin, and rockier regions, such as mountains, where the waves traveled more quickly.
While suitably vast and dusty-looking, the Mojave Desert bears little resemblance to Baghdad or even the rockier Afghan terrain; for one thing, a distant veil of smog reminds us of the site's physical proximity to Hollywood.