rock to its foundations

(redirected from rock the foundations of)

rock/shake something to its foundations

  also rock/shake the foundations of something
to damage or change an organization or a person's beliefs very much Allegations of scandal and abuse have rocked the party to its foundations. The ideas seemed to make sense, but shook the foundations of her own Christian beliefs.
See also: foundation, rock
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What they discover will rock the foundations of Hollywood in this tense saga of discovery and danger.
Set to rock the foundations of the beautiful old Bushmills Distiller on Thursday June 12, this will likely be the most intimate and unique gig the Manchester superstars will play for a very long time.
Local residents report that they frequently have to take evasive action to avoid accidents and aggressive driving, while speeding pantechnicons rock the foundations of their houses.
To rock the foundations of Liverpool In a Joseph Williamson type underground Cave.
He said: "When you've got two big wigs and they're not agreeing, it can rock the foundations of the club and this is rocking the foundations of one of the most famous clubs in the country.
The ramifications would be rock the foundations of a club who finished as Premier League runners-up twice during the 1990s.
Tomorrow night's Panorama expose will send out shockwaves likely to rock the foundations of British racing - but it
The ongoing information technology (IT) revolution is beginning to rock the foundations of major telephone companies with the successive debut of unprecedented services such as free international phone calls and flat-rate domestic out-of-town calls.
Birmingham City's Mr Sullivan said: 'Birmingham is a great city and if Longbridge goes then it will rock the foundations of the city's financial base.
And it is just one of many tales in a controversial new book which threatens to rock the foundations of Irish society.
As scandal after scandal continues to rock the foundations of the business community, many theories have surfaced seeking to explain why such an ethical void exists in today's corporate culture.
But, trust me, this revelation will rock the foundations of your 26-year marriage.