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SIR - [Regarding the withdrawal of the plan to build an ice rink in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff], nimbys, shame on you robbing the children of a safe place to play, robbing the disabled of a place where they can enjoy sport freely, robbing fans of the right to enjoy a sport they are passionate about, robbing people of their jobs, robbing a country of the only ice pad and, most of all, robbing the hearts of many ice rink users.
Last October, the researchers reviewed 18 studies of nectar robbing and found only six documented negative effects on the flowers.
Moving the discussion to an even broader level, Anurag Agrawal of the University of Toronto sees the questions of nectar robbing as intriguing issues marking the fine line between parasites and so-called mutualists--organisms of two species that both enjoy benefits.
These are among the most serious charges you can have, abducting somebody in the middle of the night - an elderly couple - robbing them and abducting them from home completely without provocation,'' Deputy District Attorney James Bozajian said.
The two are suspected of robbing a Canoga Park Home Depot store and the Palmdale Kmart and of attempting to rob the Lancaster Kmart.
Authorities said Tuesday that they had arrested James Mitchell of Lancaster, who reportedly admitted robbing the local companies to raise money for the down payment on the white Mustang.
on suspicion of robbing an AM/PM minimart and gas station in the 33400 block of Crown Valley Road.
Typically, bank robbers are going to keep robbing until they're caught and they're typically committing these crimes to feed a narcotics habit.