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A jocular term for someone who is romantically involved with a much younger person. I wouldn't have pegged Jeff as a cradle-robber, but I just saw him around town with a girl who looks like she's barely out of high school.

robber baron

1. A disparaging term applied to any of the prominent businessmen in the late 19th-century US who used unethical means to increase industrialization (and thus their own wealth and prestige). John Rockefeller is usually regarded as a robber baron, but he's certainly not the only one.
2. By extension, anyone who achieves great wealth and success by unscrupulous means. Of course I don't trust him—he's a robber baron who's made all his money by manipulating the stock market!
3. In the Middle Ages, a thief who robbed unsuspecting travelers. Please be mindful of robber barons on your journey through the countryside.
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According to the police, the alleged robbers opened fire on them, which was retaliated and as a result, one alleged robber, identified as Mohammad Jaffar, a resident of Arifwala, was killed during the crossfire while his four accomplices fled the scene.
Investigators say that the owner's son came running out of the back of the store, grabbed the gun from his father, and shot the armed robber multiple times during a gun battle.
At the end of the long and exhausted chasing, robbers infiltrated to shanty area but two of them were detained by policemen.
A robber armed with a 12 inch long machete-style knife entered the Little Shopper in Evenwood, near Bishop Auckland, County Durham, at about 7.
Biggs, who was last seen in public in March, "flicking the V" at the funeral of fellow robber Bruce Reynolds, died yesterday morning.
Bridgestone Key statement: The present invention provides a modified diene robber which can be produced economically and improve low-loss properties and wear resistance of a robber composition made therefrom, as compared with the conventional modified diene robber.
A ROBBER was shot dead by an ex- serviceman in Vijay Nagar area of Ghaziabad on Friday night.
A TERRIFIED bank worker was forced to hand cash over at gunpoint when an armed robber raided a city centre bank.
The robber struck last night in Reginald Road, Bearwood, as a security firm picked up cash from a Sandwell Homes neighbourhood housing office.
CALABASAS -- An armed robber held up a Washington Mutual bank branch in Calabasas on Tuesday, and a red dye pack apparently exploded as he was getting into a Toyota Tercel.
A cruel robber dumped a disabled man at the roadside before hijacking his car and the trailer towing his wheelchair.
A sheet extruder has found a route to lower material cost by compounding up to 70% crumb robber from recycled tires into polyethylene or polypropylene.
On January 23, 1904, Dijons used the gun to kill a robber who had entered his store.
A simple robbery walkthrough, in which one employee pretends to be a robber giving instructions and another practices complying with directives can simulate a robbery's urgency and confusion, giving employees the opportunity to practice remaining calm.
In fact, when you factor in the average sentence for armed robbery, your average bank robber gets about two dollars a week or around $100 per year while they sit on their butts in prison.