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roast snow in a furnace

To attempt a futile, often ridiculous, task. You're so tiny that there's no way you can carry that armchair upstairs all by yourself—you might as well roast snow in a furnace!
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there is reason in the roasting of eggs

Even the strangest actions are done for a reason. I don't understand why my brother quit his job all of a sudden, but there is reason in the roasting of eggs, I suppose. Don't ask your father why he's on the roof—just accept that there is reason in the roasting of eggs.
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give (one) a roasting

To very strongly rebuke or criticize one. The principal gave Mark a roasting because of that prank he pulled in class yesterday.
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get a roasting

To be very strongly rebuked, criticized, or condemned. The giant supermarket chain has gotten a roasting lately over allegations that they've been threatening local shops and markets. Mark sure got a roasting because of that prank he pulled in class yesterday.
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give somebody/get a ˈroasting

(informal) criticize somebody or be criticized in an angry way: I’d better go. I’ll get a roasting if I’m late again!
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1. tv. to put on an entertaining program, usually with a dinner, where the guest of honor is teased and insulted. They roasted Dave when he retired.
2. n. an entertaining program where the guest of honor is insulted all in fun. It was a wonderful roast. The guest of honor was pleased with the quality of the insults.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. He was stewed, roasted, and boiled.
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Roasting directions vary, depending on the recipe, the cook or the expert you follow.
These include such things as the machine and how it is used to manipulate the degree of bean color and the different tastes developed during the roasting process, roast uniformity, reproducibility, and time.
Enhance Sweetness: Similar to the taste of red-hot candies, roasting cinnamon brings out a pleasantly strong and sweet flavor in desserts like Banana, Cherry and Roasted Cinnamon Bread Pudding.
Just as we can observe the trajectory of the roast curve, we can learn by cupping the coffee produced from different profiles (different ways of roasting) just how best to alter the profile by programming mechanical changes in roaster operation, or in the case of manual roasting change, what we can do to tweak the resulting beverage while the beans are still in the roaster.
If you forgot to thaw the turkey, come Thanksgiving Day you can start cooking the unwrapped frozen (unstuffed) turkey in a preheated 325-degree F oven, but you'll need to add 50 percent more cooking time to the original times on the roasting chart.
Fresh Roast Systems of Key Biscayne, Florida, is the creator and patent holder for the Fresh Roast System ventless automated coffee roaster, a self-contained computer operated coffee roasting machine that allows any business to consistently produce fresh-roasted coffee without the staffing and environmental drawbacks of traditional coffee roasting equipment.
An additional supply air pipe feeds the regulated supply air into the roasting system.
According to their website, "In roasting coffee, high altitude allows for quicker bean development at a lower temperature, avoiding the two most common tribulations of roasting coffee: baking and scorching.
where roasting and grilling are the basis of his menus.
NEW ORLEANS -- PJ's Coffee, founded 27 years ago in New Orleans, kept its roasting facility operating through the hardships of the last three months with the help of an exceptionally dedicated roast master and his team.
Place duck, breast side up, on a rack in a shallow foil-lined roasting pan.
In part, Tully's relentless pursuit of quality can be attributed to its roasters who use vintage, small batch equipment to make coffee roasting an art form.