roaring drunk

ˌroaring ˈdrunk

extremely drunk and noisy: They came home roaring drunk again last night. OPPOSITE: stone-cold sober
See also: drunk, roaring
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In the early days of the band we always seemed to end up roaring drunk and sleeping on someone's floor on Smithdown Road - it will be particularly cool to play at the new location on the docks, that kind of postindustrial landscape is always inspiring.
MANY YEARS AGO, on a teenage bicycling trip in Europe, my brother and I returned to the hostel to find our companions roaring drunk.
WILLPENRIEVANS: My Gran used to say that on 11/11/18 her Dad was in Army Hospital, he & other patients got roaring drunk celebrating.
He was the way he was because of the era he was born into - then it was acceptable for men to get roaring drunk and beat their wives.
Quite a few bottles of wine are relieved of their contents but no one gets roaring drunk, although some kids leave with their coats on inside out.
I rang home and she was celebrating what turned out to be stunning GCSEs by getting roaring drunk, trashing the house and beating up her brother.
Naturally, there was the usual business to attend to before the big race; the small matter of getting roaring drunk and gambling enough money to buy a Russian election.
Dad Paul Barnett, also of Chaster Street, was told by Judge Lever: "You are the father of those boys and it was your responsibility not to be roaring drunk and violent and contribute to this affair.
Meanwhile, cage fighter Alex opts for a more traditional approach to his stag do and gets roaring drunk watching scantily clad girls wobble around on bucking bronco machines.
If every roaring drunk felt a cold glare of disapproval, if every leather-lunged obscenity were met with a thumbs-down, the idea would begin to take hold that good sportsmanship is expected both on and off the playing field.
I got roaring drunk celebrating our Hartlepool victory and challenged you all to a fight.
Fletcher, who officially quit as coach last night, will probably point out that he wasn't the one who decided to take a pedalo out out into the sea while roaring drunk despite England's loss in the first match of the competition.
In the process I nearly cut my hand off in the middle of my forearm when I was roaring drunk, and playing with huge industrial saw.
I am not saying he was roaring drunk, he just appeared to be quite jolly.
Throughout the whole of the incident he was roaring drunk.