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be a roaring success

To be extremely or triumphantly successful. For having such a limited budget, their play turned out to be a roaring success. My business was a roaring success in the 1980s and '90s, but the advent of the Internet rendered my services obsolete.
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do a roaring trade

To sell something very successfully. It's been so hot lately that we've done a roaring trade in selling cold drinks.
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drunk as a lord

Very intoxicated. Do you remember last night at all? You were drunk as a lord!
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Particularly vigorous, exciting, exhilarating, or successful. Ziplining is a rip-roaring good time! The bake sale was a rip-roaring success.

roaring drunk

To be exceptionally drunk, boisterous, and loud. Do you remember last night at all? You were roaring drunk. We all got roaring drunk and went through the town singing and dancing.
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roar back

To surge into a position of success after a period of time spent performing less favorably. The team, who fell to a 30–0 disadvantage in the first 20 minutes of play, roared back in the fourth quarter The company has been roaring back into a position of superiority this year, after seeing its share of the market dwindle over the last decade.
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*drunk as a lord

 and *drunk as a skunk
very drunk. (*Also: as ~.) After his fifth cocktail, Michael was as drunk as a lord. Judy bought herself a case of beer and proceeded to get as drunk as a skunk.
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drunk as a lord

Also, drunk as a fiddler or skunk ; falling-down or roaring drunk . Extremely intoxicated, as in He came home drunk as a lord. The three similes have survived numerous others. The first was considered proverbial by the mid-1600s and presumably alludes to the fact that noblemen drank more than commoners (because they could afford to). The fiddler alludes to the practice of plying musicians with alcohol (sometimes instead of pay), whereas skunk, dating from the early 1900s, was undoubtedly chosen for the rhyme. The most graphic variant alludes to someone too drunk to keep his or her balance, as in He couldn't make it up the stairs; be was falling-down drunk. And roaring drunk, alluding to being extremely noisy as well as intoxicated, was first recorded in 1697. Also see dead drunk.
See also: drunk, lord

drunk as a lord (or skunk)

extremely drunk.
See also: drunk, lord

do a roaring trade (or business)

sell large amounts of something; do very good business. informal
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(as) drunk as a ˈlord

(British English) (American English (as) drunk as a ˈskunk) (informal) very drunk: I eventually found them in a bar, both as drunk as skunks. OPPOSITE: (as) sober as a judge
See also: drunk, lord

do a roaring ˈtrade (in something)

(informal) sell something very quickly or do a lot of business: Toy stores do a roaring trade at this time of year.
See also: roaring, trade

ˌroaring ˈdrunk

extremely drunk and noisy: They came home roaring drunk again last night. OPPOSITE: stone-cold sober
See also: drunk, roaring

a ˌroaring sucˈcess

(informal) a very great success: The band was such a roaring success that they have been asked to stay for an extra week.His movies haven’t exactly been a roaring success, have they?
See also: roaring, success

roar back

To have great success after a period of weak performance; make a dramatic recovery: The tennis player lost the first set but roared back to win the match.
See also: back, roar

drunk as a lord

Extremely drunk. Members of the nobility could afford to keep quantities of wine, beer, and liquor on hand, and as much out of envy as stating a fact, the common folk described anyone, titled or not, who had a load on by that phrase. In these more egalitarian times, “drunk as a skunk” and, less elegantly, “shit-faced drunk” have replaced “drunk as a lord.”
See also: drunk, lord
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