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keep it down to a dull roar

To be quiet or stop making a lot of noise. Often used as a command. Kids, when you work together, please keep it down to a dull roar.
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roar at someone or something

1. Lit. to bellow or bawl at someone or something. Don't roar at me! Control your temper. The lion roared at the hyena, who ran off.
2. Fig. to laugh very hard at someone or something. The audience roared at the clown. The children roared at Dad's jokes.
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roar away

to speed away, making a loud clamor. The car roared away into the night with tires screeching. The train roared away, carrying Andy to Canada.
See also: away, roar

roar something out

to bellow something out loudly. Walter roared his protest out so everyone knew how he felt. Jane roared out her criticism.
See also: out, roar

roar back

To have great success after a period of weak performance; make a dramatic recovery: The tennis player lost the first set but roared back to win the match.
See also: back, roar

dull roar

n. a relatively quiet degree of noisiness. Try to keep it at a dull roar if you can.
See also: dull, roar
References in classic literature ?
He had almost closed the aperture when the lion appeared upon the inside--a very ferocious and angry lion that pawed and clawed at the rocks and uttered mighty roars that caused the earth to tremble; but roars did not frighten Tarzan of the Apes.
No more bombs fell from the windows, the last pedestrians seemed to have vanished from the streets, and our immediate quietude grew more profound; though the gigantic caldron continued to bubble in the distance, dull roars of explosions came to us from all directions, and the smoke-pillars were towering more ominously in the heavens.
With shrieks and roars and loud barkings the great apes of the tribe of Kerchak rushed upon the fallen lion.
After listening for a few moments, they could clearly hear, above the roar and tumult out of doors, this shout repeated; and that with a shrillness and energy, which denoted that it came from some person in great distress or terror.
After looking at Messrs Parkes and Cobb for some time in silence, he clapped his two hands to his cheeks, and sent forth a roar which made the glasses dance and rafters ring--a long-sustained, discordant bellow, that rolled onward with the wind, and startling every echo, made the night a hundred times more boisterous--a deep, loud, dismal bray, that sounded like a human gong.
There is no denying that social media and mobile technology have created savvy consumers who expect to understand a company's value proposition in a matter of seconds," said ROAR President Bob Rich III.
Politicians giggled as MacNeil attempted a half-hearted roar.
This is the first of two meetings between the teams in four days and in Brisbane it's all about the Roar.
Van der Ryn further explained that they dissected the musical keys of the original iconic roar and started experimenting with it by listening different types of sounds with microphone.
Roar founder Deepak Vasandani vision has been to build a lifestyle brand based on the in my opinion tenants of strength and positivity.
Lauren's final message yesterday was a photo sent from Ben and uploaded online showing Roar recently unwrapped from a parcel.
I could not get into the St Etienne game at Anfield but I heard the Kop roar when David Fairclough scored the winner as loud as if I was standing outside the ground and I was well over a mile away so I reckon that roar was heard in town, which widens the entitlement area for the Liverpudlian label considerably.
Pauls, which has been a community partner of Brisbane Roar, will continue to title sponsor Roar Active Program (RAP), a junior club and school programme focused on getting kids active.
The main difference: Babies cry at a high-pitched frequency, while big cats have a low-frequency roar.
The Mini Great British Roar event rolled into Cardiff yesterday as part of its tour of major UK cities.