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In Abu Dhabi, the Ambassador expelled, and the road to Damascus was going to be arduous.
Perhaps, on the road to Damascus, Rudd stumbled over Gaza.
Whatever happened to Paul on the road to Damascus, Christians reverence the place now known as the Chapel of Ananias.
June Bartlett's solo exhibition On the Road to Damascus runs at The Mathaf Gallery, 24 Motcombe Street, London SW1X 8JU (www.
The author said she had a reverse Road To Damascus experience during a trip to Israel in her early 20s.
Paul experienced God in his encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus, in his mystical experiences and in his understanding of the Incarnation and redemption.
Although a slew of Lebanese political leaders have been travelling the road to Damascus since the neighbours agreed in August to establish diplomatic relations, Aoun's trip is different because he holds no official position.
With bewildering succession, he first pledges no tax cuts under the next Tory administration, then on the road to Damascus he is converted and, once again, espousing Thatcherite principles, the electorate is promised a raft of cuts.
There has been no claim of responsibility for the car bomb attack near a Shia shrine and a security checkpoint in the neighbourhood of Sayeda Zeinab on a road to Damascus airport.
The blast, in 200 kilos of explosives, occurred on the road to Damascus near a turn to the shrine of a female Shi'ite saint Sayidat Zainab and near a sensitive security post.
Paul got knocked off his mule by a bolt of lightning on the road to Damascus.
Some officers at the Central Intelligence Agency are beginning to wonder if Director Michael Hayden has had a Saul on the road to Damascus experience, possibly smitten by the voice of Dick Cheney while traversing the streets of McLean in his armored limousine.
Saul is sure of his claim on truth as he proceeds up the road to Damascus.
Lens on Syria: The Road to Damascus kicks off on Sept.