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put on the dog

 and put on the ritz
to make things extra special or dress formally for a special event. Frank's really putting on the dog for the big party Friday night. They really put on the ritz for us.
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put on the dog

Also, put on the ritz. Behave in an elegant, extravagant manner, as in We'll have to put on the dog when our daughter's in-laws visit, or They really put on the ritz for the wedding reception. The allusion in the first of these slangy terms, first recorded in 1865, is unclear, although it has been suggested that the newly rich displayed their wealth by keeping pampered lapdogs. The second term, from the 1920s, alludes to the large, luxurious hotels founded by and named for César Ritz (1850-1918), which still exist in Paris, London, and many other major cities.
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put on the dog

If someone puts on the dog, they act as though they are rich or important. We were all earning good money, buying expensive suits and putting on the dog.
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put on the Ritz

If you put on the Ritz, you spend a lot of money to enjoy yourself in a grand way. Footballer Wayne Rooney really put on the Ritz as he treated fiancee Coleen McLoughlin to a romantic break in Paris. Note: This expression may come from the chain of expensive hotels called Ritz.
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put on the dog

and put on the ritz
tv. to make things extra special for a special event. Frank’s really putting on the dog for the big party Friday night. We’re going out tonight, and we’re really gonna put on the ritz.
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put on the ritz

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put on the dog

To make an ostentatious display of elegance, wealth, or culture.
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putting on the Ritz

Acting in a pretentiously stylish and affluent manner. César Ritz, founder of the Hotel Ritz in Paris and Ritz Hotel in London, lent his name to these and other highly fashionable institutions. To behave as if you belonged in such opulent settings and demand that you be treated as if you did would lead to being accused of “putting on the Ritz” or simply being “ritzy.” The phrase is best known as the title of a 1929 Irving Berlin song that has been performed by, among other, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, and Peter Boyle (as the monster in Mel Brooks' movie Young Frankenstein). A similar expression is “putting on the dog,” coming perhaps from high collars and jeweled chokers known as “dogs.”
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