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A comical way of writing "am I right," an interjection used to foster agreement or stimulate further conversation. He's a fool, amirite? This hotel was a fabulous choice, amirite?

rite of passage

An event or activity often performed or experienced as part of passing from one stage of life to another. Bar Mitzvah celebrations are a rite of passage as Jewish boys become men. Getting lost while trying to find their classrooms is kind of a rite of passage for freshmen at this school.
See also: of, passage, rite

rite of passage

a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone's life, especially birth, initiation, marriage, and death.
See also: of, passage, rite
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Truscott has written a very important tome, vital for anyone interested in Holy Baptism and related rites.
Founded in 1996, Clean Rite pioneered building and branding large, attractive, clean, yellow and blue, air-conditioned, hard-to-miss 24-hour laundromats that have professional attendants and many amenities.
Rite Aid opted for Pepsi in November and has been phasing out Coca-Cola products since.
One major difference between the LBW and the two predecessor rites (OSB and TLA) is that they provided separate baptismal rites for infants and adults, while LBW provided just one rite for all ages.
Rite Aid offers games for a very special Valentine's Day where lovebirds are sure to win every time.
By being educated on the risk factors and knowing how to reduce them, patients can help reduce their chances of having heart disease," said Phil Keough, Rite Aid senior vice president of pharmacy operations.
The transaction, which is subject to review under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 and other customary closing conditions, is expected to close shortly after the end of Rite Aid's fourth quarter, which ends March 3, 2007.
Tim Hayden, Rite Track President and CEO said, "Our successful performance with the CLEAN TRACK MARK series product lines led to us having the opportunity to now offer Certified/Refurbished ACT 8 systems to the marketplace.
ISS also said in its report: "We note that the Rite Aid share price has appreciated 18% since the deal's announcement, outperforming both of its primary peers CVS and Walgreen.
The Rite Weigh Challenge includes a free travel size planner, available only at Rite Aid stores, that offers a step-by-step outline of the 10-week program complete with daily and weekly goals for calorie in-take, healthy food choices and an exercise plan.
Ken Burger, Vice President of Operations, said "This is a great milestone for Rite Track.
For your tiny tot, travel down Rite Aid's toy aisle, where you'll surely find a treasure or two to tuck under the tree.
Rite Aid, through its partnership with Lindora, America's leading medical weight control program, to challenge America to lose weight and become healthier.
Stay stress-free and sane this holiday season by making Rite Aid your one stop shop.
TradeCard allows us to increase our business capacity without adding staff or additional resources overseas," said Jim Luks, Vice President of Finance and Corporate Controller at Stride Rite.