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rise (up) in the world

To elevate or improve one's social, political, and/or financial position in life; to become more successful than one was before. You're only going to truly rise up in the world if you make a point of rubbing elbows with those of a higher social standing. It's unsurprising how quickly Sarah has risen in the world when you consider that her tenacity and determination are only matched by her intelligence and talent. The Robinsons really rose up in the world after they won the lottery.
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a rising tide lifts all boats

economics A strong economy benefits businesses and individuals at all levels. The phrase was popularized by US President John F. Kennedy. Thanks to the economy doing so well lately, our business has been booming. I guess it's really true what they say, that a rising tide lifts all boats.
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rise to (something)

To increase one's effort in response to a challenging situation. If you're going to lead this team, you've got to rise to the challenge and start motivating them. It was a tough act to follow, but the band rose to the occasion and played the best set of their career.
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rise like a rocket (and fall like a stick)

To experience a meteoric rise in success (and then have one's fortunes reversed just as suddenly and dramatically). The phrase can be used to describe someone or something who has only experienced a period of success so far, not necessarily one followed by a downturn. Everyone has their eyes on the young actress who has been rising like a rocket in the film industry. The company rose like a rocket by trading sub-prime mortgages, and then fell like a stick when the housing bubble burst.
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rise with the lark

To wake and get out of bed at sunrise. I've always loved camping: rising with the lark, cooking breakfast over an open fire, exploring the great outdoor—it's all wonderful!
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rise with the sun

To wake and get out of bed at sunrise. I've always loved camping: rising with the sun, cooking breakfast over an open fire, exploring the great outdoor—it's all wonderful!
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(one's) star is rising

One's social, political, or financial success is increasing very quickly; one is on the way to great fame or fortune. It's clear the actress's star is rising, as she is now confirmed for three more major blockbuster films over the next few years.
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rise with the sun (or lark)

get up early in the morning.
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someone's star is rising

someone is becoming ever more successful or popular.
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a rising ˌtide lifts all ˈboats

(saying, especially American English) (politics) used to say that everybody benefits when a country’s economy grows and improves: Anger over inequality is absent during periods of expansion, because a rising tide lifts all boats.This expression is often associated with US President John F. Kennedy.
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