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rise (up) in the world

To elevate or improve one's social, political, and/or financial position in life; to become more successful than one was before. You're only going to truly rise up in the world if you make a point of rubbing elbows with those of a higher social standing. It's unsurprising how quickly Sarah has risen in the world when you consider that her tenacity and determination are only matched by her intelligence and talent. The Robinsons really rose up in the world after they won the lottery.
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a rising tide lifts all boats

economics A strong economy benefits businesses and individuals at all levels. The phrase was popularized by US President John F. Kennedy. Thanks to the economy doing so well lately, our business has been booming. I guess it's really true what they say, that a rising tide lifts all boats.
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rise to (something)

To increase one's effort in response to a challenging situation. If you're going to lead this team, you've got to rise to the challenge and start motivating them. It was a tough act to follow, but the band rose to the occasion and played the best set of their career.
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someone's star is rising

someone is becoming ever more successful or popular.
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a rising ˌtide lifts all ˈboats

(saying, especially American English) (politics) used to say that everybody benefits when a country’s economy grows and improves: Anger over inequality is absent during periods of expansion, because a rising tide lifts all boats.This expression is often associated with US President John F. Kennedy.
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To obtain a full copy of the report, "Global Rising Stars: Still Eclipsed by Fallen Angels," members of the media can contact Christopher Mortell at 212-438-2756 or alternatively at Christopher_mortell@sandp.
The Rising Rates Opportunity ProFund seeks 125%, before fees and expenses, of the inverse of the daily price movement of the most recently issued 30-year U.
In particular, the inflation rate will start rising as the jobless rate falls below 4 percent for a sustained period (over six months).
However, the growing tightness in labor markets in many parts of the country was being accompanied by some signs of rising pressures on labor compensation, including the use of special bonuses and other innovative compensation initiatives that are not included in the usual statistical measures of labor costs.
The dollar was actually rising, the price of gold was falling, and the upward movement in commodity prices was almost entirely related to drought and drought-induced speculation from the summer's notorious heat-wave.
23, 1995: Crosses 4,000 for the first time, rising 30.
Even so, the sector remains under pressure to balance rising demand for services--especially in education, corrections, and health care--against the public desire for tax relief.
Without the weight of that ice, the crust is rebounding and rising, thereby lowering the sea level along that coast.
Moreover, with employment rising, real income growth should be supportive of increased consumer expenditures in the coming year, despite the higher taxes confronting some households.
While the proportion of families holding checking and savings accounts declined over the period, the families that held these accounts in 1989 maintained them at about the same real level as that in 1983, with the median value of checking accounts rising only from $600 to $900 (tables 4 and 5).
Our elected officials must join in rising to the occasion to allow supermarkets and other large stores to serve and employ New Yorkers without having to become enmeshed in years of bitter local political battles," he challenged.
Energy prices began rising sharply last November, after the OPEC nations agreed to limit crude oil production.
Poland also showed favourable development, with new sales during the year rising 53% in local currency.