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In the lead-up to the war, Risen reports that the CIA's assistant director for the collection of intelligence wanted to gather information about Iraqi scientists who had at one time worked on weapons of mass destruction.
In his chapter about Iran, Risen reveals two disastrous CIA blunders.
Stock market wealth has risen substantially relative to income in recent years--itself a reflection of the extraordinary surge of innovation.
After having risen somewhat in other recent months, the utilization of total manufacturing capacity was up appreciably in August, reaching its highest level since the spring of 1995.
Moreover, it was suggested that, at least in manufacturing, productivity had risen unusually rapidly of late, allowing corporations to hold the line on prices despite increases in labor costs.
Over the past twelve months, the consumer price index excluding food and energy items has risen 2 3/4 percent--near the lower end of the narrow range that has prevailed since early 1994.
Since the end of December, the yield on the thirty-year Treasury bond has increased about 1 percentage point, on net, while the yield on the five-year note has risen about 1 1/4 percentage points over the same period.
Since the fund's inception on March 5, 2004, it has risen 5.
Corporate profits, which had surged in 1992, increased an additional 6 1/2 percent over the first three quarters of 1993 and appear to have risen further in the year's final quarter.
Although interest rates have risen in the last month, they're still historically low.
Over the past year, the production of construction supplies has risen about 4 percent, but it has changed little, on balance, since February.
Gasoline and diesel fuel prices in California have risen by more than 30 percent and 50 percent, respectively, over the last six months, increasing expected costs for farmers, especially for field crop producers.
By 1989, however, the ratio for the lowest income group had risen to nearly 40 percent and that for the highest income group had risen to 19 percent.
Meanwhile, the currencies of South Korea and Taiwan have risen moderately against the dollar so far in 1989.
Since November, the dollar has again risen, partly in response to further tightening actions by the Federal Reserve.