rise to

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rise to something

to react to a difficult situation by working harder to succeed It was a tough race, but Jean rose to the challenge and rode her horse beautifully. He's handled many crises before, but can he rise to the task this time?
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Diminished slack in many industries and expectations of continued business expansion were among the chief factors giving rise to the increase in these outlays.
This announcement now opens up a lot of opportunities for RISE to take advantage of, including customers who run data streaming, I/O intensive and high performance computing applications.
Sales east of Park Avenue averaged $541 per square foot in 1998, up from $447, versus a rise to $649.
However, it is unclear whether the forces giving rise to the unusual behavior of the aggregates will wane in coming months or continue unabated.
Designed to sit comfortably on the hip, both styles have a 10-1/2" rise to create a clean, modern fit that lengthens the legs and accentuates the torso.
The new alliance will enable TUXIA and RISE to bring enhanced embedded Linux solutions for the emerging Thin Client and Information Appliance (IA) market.