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With a smaller burden to support the dependent population, discretionary labor income and personal savings will rise.
As I pointed out earlier, demand has been depressed by the rise in energy prices as well as by the needed slowing in the pace of accumulation of business capital and consumer durable assets.
According to Meier, the information available in 1985 led his committee to predict that sea levels would rise about 1 meter with a 3[degrees]C increase in global average temperature.
During this period, which includes the Civil War and the rise in prices that almost always follows wars, the inflation rate fell.
Consumer price inflation picked up slightly in July and August from a slow rate of increase in each of the previous four months; reduced but still appreciable increases in food prices contributed to the larger advance in both months, and a sizable rise in energy prices lifted the index in August.
A new NRC report released in September explores the engineering implications of such a rise.
Housing construction and other interest-sensitive activity should be restrained to some degree by the rise in long-term interest rates over the past several months.
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War is the first real-time strategy game to place players directly in the heart of combat as a heroic general fighting side-by-side with their troops.
Most of their forecasts for the rise in the consumer price index are close to 3 percent, although the full range of forecasts extends from a low of 2 1/4 percent to a high of 4 percent.
However, the result for unit-linked assurance in the first quarter of 2005 was favourably affected in the amount of SEK 80 million by a change in deferred acquisition costs (DAC) attributable to the sharp rise in sales in Germany at year-end 2004.
Sales increased in all divisions, with a 22% rise in premiums and deposits for the UK, Asia Pacific & Offshore division, a 46% rise for the Europe & Latin America division, and a 50% rise for the Nordic division, all in local currency.
Sales east of Park Avenue averaged $541 per square foot in 1998, up from $447, versus a rise to $649.
The small rise in the median values of income and net worth and the simultaneous substantial rise in the mean values indicate that the distributions of income and net worth became more concentrated between 1983 and 1989.
These factors contributed to a substantial rise in velocity, the ratio of nominal GNP to the stock of money.