rip to

rip someone or something to something

1. Lit. to tear someone or something into small pieces, expressed as bits, pieces, shreds, etc. If you fall into that lawn mower, it will rip you to pieces. The lawn mower ripped the newspaper to tiny bits.
2. Fig. to criticize someone or something mercilessly. The critics ripped Gerald to pieces even though the audience just loved his show. They ripped the whole production to pieces.
See also: rip
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The intent of this positioning was to test the capability of the rip to intercept runoff.
A short, square little man with a grizzled beard had called Rip to help carry a keg of liquor.
We keep improving the quality and features of our RIP to make sure that our customers continue to get optimum performance from their medium and wide-format printer," said Avedik Izmirlian, president of DigiFab Systems.
Since our XPS Early Adopter program was launched in September 2005 we have released five revisions of our core XPS RIP to support the evolving draft XPS specification", comments Adrian Ford, Global Graphics' chief technology officer.
The addition of Global Graphics' XPS RIP to this platform will shorten product development cycles for IHVs who wish to add support for the XPS document format into their ranges of copiers, printers and multi-function peripherals to support Microsoft's Vista(TM), the next version of the Windows operating system scheduled for availability at the end of 2006.
We needed a RIP to drive Remote Director, and Apago's support of the ICC standard has enabled Remote Director to produce color-accurate proofs from a wide variety of file formats," states Dan Caldwell, vice president of operations for Integrated Color Solutions Inc.
And so, we've developed the DigiFab Systems Evolution Graphics RIP to allow users to go beyond default settings and take advantage of our unsurpassed linearization to optimize every detail of the printer's ability.
Today's announcement represents the result of over 18 months engineering effort to optimize the Jaws RIP to operate in the embedded environment specifically for this market.
It demonstrates the capability of the Harlequin RIP to drive high-speed devices and takes us into a fast growing segment of the print market.
Additionally, color profiles for all ENCAD Quality Imaging Supplies Inks and Media are provided with the RIP to ensure customers achieve consistent high quality results with no experimentation needed.
The benchmark test involved 108 MB files comprised of three TIFF images and one EPS illustration, ripped by Picaxo 2000 in six minutes and 57 seconds versus 25 minutes and 32 seconds with HP's color plotter embedded PostScript RIP to an output size of 24" x 31".
The ColorFlare system is the first of its kind, being able to RIP to multiple copiers and wide format inkjet printers from one front end, saving franchise owners from the prohibitive costs of maintaining multiple RIP systems for multiple copiers.
a leading developer of digital printing technology, today announced an agreement with ECRM which enables the ECRM RIP to connect to Shinko's ColorStream II DPS, a raster-based, color dye-sublimation proofer with Harlequin Color Proofing (HCP).
The activation of this feature allows the same ECRM RIP to drive both a color proofer as well as a high resolution imagesetter.
They can configure that RIP to have any of the options available to a full imagesetting system - high-quality ESCOR screening, Kanji font capabilities, and so on.