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He will be able to reply, "I was so clever, children, I found a loophole in the law against fox hunting which enabled people on horseback with their hounds alongside to chase foxes to exhaustion and rip them to shreds.
But chimps will overlook the garish details and cherish them as snuggle blankets - or rip them to shreds as play.
But they admitted they were scared the fans might rip them to shreds after their last visit.
Paraguay and the USA have been beaten 1-0, but sides like Spain or Brazil should rip them to shreds.
ARGENTINA fear Michael Owen will rip them to shreds again in Japan this summer.
HARRY REDKNAPP admits West Ham are in his blood but he was delighted to rip them to shreds.
In any case, Slovenia are currently a divided, miserable rabble who cannot wait to leave the Far East, and if they are not careful the hungry Paraguayans will rip them to shreds.
The Sinornithosaurus, believed to be a link between dinosaurs and birds, could jump up at its prey and rip them to shreds with its sharp teeth.
How those scientists could have gone down there is beyond me - I was expecting some Stephen King-style monster to rip them to shreds as they swam through he murky waters.