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Hoblyn, in the book's introduction, writes that by looking beyond the expected riot of color of most flowers, gardeners can gain a sense of wonder when they take in the details of the mostly green palette of plants.
Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, won the 2000 Gold Award in NL/NL's Newsletter Promotion Awards Competition for a 24-page magalog ("a riot of color and graphics and photos and boldface lists of dozens of ways to improve your health") touting the newsletter Second Opinion.
edu/muscarelle) presents Tiffany Glass: "A Riot of Color," an exhibition of the finest Tiffany glass on view from April 18, 2009 to July 12, 2009.
Hockney's sets are a riot of color and undulation, a perfect complement to Strauss' irresistible score, which the company's music director, Kent Nagano, conducted with enviable attention to orchestral detail and interpretive nuance.
From charcoal to dove, the power of gray is a strong antidote to a riot of color for fall 2000.
Throughout this land, the birds sing and spring flowers cover the roadsides in a riot of color.
This year's winner of The Newsletter on Newsletters Newsletter Promotion Awards competition is a 24-page magalog which is a riot of color and graphics and photos and boldface lists of dozens of ways to improve your health.
WILDFLOWERS are back, bursting into a riot of color on hillsides, desert floors and even local freeway off-ramps.
Planted now, they will grow out in a riot of color within a few weeks' time.
It certainly is a city of infinite appeal and alluring images: precipitously steep streets, a dark-orange suspension bridge poking through the fog, the riot of color that is Chinatown, lines of people craving fresh seafood at the Tadich Grill or Swan's .
Spring is here, inciting people to join the riot of color and fragrance, adding their own plants and flowers to the rebirth.
Not to be slighted, the Van de Kamp Courtyard will be a riot of color with hyacinth, anemones, Dutch irises, pansies, violas and primroses.
95460; (800) 354-4431: It started out as a barber shop in 1868; now, this two-story redwood Victorian set amid a garden that is a riot of color in spring is a classy b&b run by David and Sharon Hyman.
While scholars for many years believed the Greeks and Romans favored gleaming white marble to the exclusion of colors, archaeologists, led by pioneers such as the German Vinzenz Brinkmann, now understand they used a riot of colors on their buildings and temples.
Happy, bright and cheerful fleurs are cropping up on everything from textiles to tabletop in a riot of colors.