ringside seat

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ringside seat

1. Literally, a front-row seat next to a boxing ring (thought to be the best place to watch the match). Wow, you got ringside seats to that fight? They must have cost thousands!
2. By extension, a place in close proximity to a certain situation or event. I unexpectedly had a ringside seat when a fight broke out at the bar. Living near this forest my whole life, I've had a ringside seat to witness the change in the population of birds.
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ringside seat

A place providing a close view of something, as in We lived right next door, so we had ringside seats for their quarrels. This term presumably came from boxing, where it denotes the seats just outside the boxing ring. [c. 1860]
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a ringside seat


a ringside view

If you have a ringside seat or a ringside view, you have an excellent and clear view of what is happening somewhere. From this hotel, you get a ringside seat at the volcano's performance. The first US presidential election for which I had a ringside seat was that which brought John F. Kennedy to office over 30 years ago. Note: In boxing, the ringside seats are the seats that are closest to the ring and have the best view.
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SCHOOLCHILDREN in Birmingham are to be given ringside seats to watch some of the world's greatest athletes train for the Olympics.
Both bills are being promoted by six-weight world champion Oscar de la Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions and Harrison has been promised a ringside seat for Hatton's date with destiny.
My desire to have a ringside seat to history was realized.
A Ringside Seat contains plenty of illustrations of Brunson with Baroness Thatcher and Brunson with Prince Charles but there are also pictures of Brunson in a silly hat and Brunson taking a tumble while trailing Jonathan Aitken.
BORE TO BE KING: SEE SPORT 100 private planes parked at the airport in Las Vegas by the jet set [euro]80k cost of ringside seat for the bout watched by 400 million on television
Matthew fights for a world title while Ricky will be relegated to a ringside seat.
But now Doncaster lightweight Bull will swap his own ringside seat for the ring itself after accepting a call to end his short-lived retirement and step in to provide Khan's 12th professional test.
In the late 90s the author was special Counsel to President Clinton and was offered a ringside seat to the inner sanctum of the political process: SCANDAL: HOW 'GOTCHA' POLITICS IS DESTROYING AMERICA offers damning details on all parties as it surveys the evolving 'scandal culture' affecting political elections and decisions.
I'd been given a ringside seat to observe man's inhumanity to man.
The juice behind ``Million Dollar Baby,'' rushed into release at the end of last year so it could be eligible for Academy Award voting, gives everyone a ringside seat as it tries to slug it out for best picture, best actor and actress, best director, best supporting spittoon, best trailer-trash family brawl and, if we're not mistaken, best reason for Hollywood to keep looking for scripts with boxing at its core.
Further down the Strip just $20 will get you a ringside seat at the topless Crazy Girls show at the Riviera.
The four 40-minute programmes will be presented from one of the venues of London Fashion Week, giving viewers a ringside seat for all the fashion action.
Fans paid up to PS60,000 for a ringside seat and more than 400 million viewers tuned in around the world to watch the long-awaited PS300million bout on TV.
Wrap up warm and bring your binoculars for your ringside seat.
But now Bull will swap his own ringside seat for the ring itself after accepting a call to end his short-lived retirement and step in to provide Khan's 12th professional test.