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ringside seat

1. Literally, a front-row seat next to a boxing ring (thought to be the best place to watch the match). Wow, you got ringside seats to that fight? They must have cost thousands!
2. By extension, a place in close proximity to a certain situation or event. I unexpectedly had a ringside seat when a fight broke out at the bar. Living near this forest my whole life, I've had a ringside seat to witness the change in the population of birds.
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a ringside seat/view

if you have a ringside seat, you are in a good position to watch what is happening at an event If there's going to be a confrontation between management and the unions, I'd like a ringside seat.
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ringside seat

A place providing a close view of something, as in We lived right next door, so we had ringside seats for their quarrels. This term presumably came from boxing, where it denotes the seats just outside the boxing ring. [c. 1860]
See also: ringside, seat
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But AIBA had stated that coaches can't be at ringside, a decision they reversed on Tuesday.
It wouldn't seem right me going to watch the Hatton fight from ringside and then telling my mates what a great night I've had.
Hatton and his father Ray, were amazed by the reaction of the ringside fans and everybody else that they met.
Joe told the Roast: 'I wear a lot of Ringside gear for training and it's all really nice stuff so I'm happy to be endorsing this.
Another appearance at Swindon next week is on the cards before Ringside Report goes on her travels for the first time.
RingSide Creative's new DI suite boasts the latest digital imaging and audio technology.
Weinstein, 50, has been a ringside physician for hundreds of boxing matches over nearly two decades in New York and Connecticut.
Groves (below) was ringside that May 2012 night in Nottingham and Froch says he will never forget how envious the Londoner was of his moment of triumph.
Ringside A look back at some of the best fights of 2012 Sky Sports 1, 8.
RINGSIDE tickets for David Price's heavyweight clash with Matt Skelton are up for grabs after the ECHO teamed up with promoter Frank Maloney.
AMIR KHAN'S trainer Freddy Roach insists he knows the "mystery man" seen at ringside during the Briton's controversial defeat to Lamont Peterson last month is not an IBF official.
PICK OF THE DAY Live Ringside Special (Sky Sports 1, 8.
Ringside Promotions have rejuvenated Birmingham's previously decaying boxing scene with a series of explosive shows since Purchase burst into the ICC on the back of a Harley Davidson for his first show at the ICC last May.
Boxing equipment company Ringside, which sponsors Joe Calzaghe and Enzo Macaranelli, will be sponsoring Risen: The Howard Winstone Phenomenon, and its actors.
Hopkins is his East Coast partner in the company and they were ringside cheering on Mosley.