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Yamaha already provides ringing melody services in Hong Kong and Guangdong, and the "Ringtone@YAMAHA" service will draw on the expertise and experience Yamaha has gained in these operations as well as from the company's success in supplying 3.
which collaborated in launching ringing melody distribution services in Hong Kong.
Yamaha hopes to gain widespread acceptance for its ringing melodies in China's potentially huge market.
a leading provider of innovative silicon solutions for data and voice communications, today introduced the newest additions to its industry-leading Ringing Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC) family.
The new 100-volt Ringing SLICs -- the Am79R100 and the Am79R101 -- provide on-chip ringing support and battery-switching technology for a wide range of communication applications, including cable telephony, ISDN terminal adapters, wireless local loop (WLL), fiber in the loop (FITL), hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) systems, and PBX systems.
Continuing Legerity's mission to reduce overall system cost and complexity, the new Am79R100 and Am79R101 Ringing SLICs integrate ring generation and battery switching, thus offering a cost-effective alternative to using ring generators and ring relays in reduced-loop applications.