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The fat cat pay rises and constant cries for more politicians make those early promises ring hollow.
Aung San Suu Kyi's claims that her government 'does not fear international scrutiny' ring hollow.
She said: "Guarantor loans are an increasing cause of problem debt, so their attempts to cosy up to MPs ring hollow.
Russian and pro-regime counter-IS words ring hollow when they cut deals with and allow terrorists to transit territory under their control," the coalition said in a statement.
Simon Harris' promises to older people ring hollow MARY BUTLER FIANNA FAIL YESTERDAY
UNLESS and until the Prime Minister comes clean on his own family's tax affairs, his repeated assertion that this government intends to get tough with tax dodgers will continue to ring hollow.
Coun Clancy says the council can still offer hope, but to many people on the frontline this will ring hollow.
That's why the call for the good ship independence continues to ring hollow across the Clyde yards and Rosyth docks.
Commitments to end poverty without accompanying pledges to tackle inequality will increasingly ring hollow.
The words of politicians who state that "We are all in this together" ring hollow on empty stomachs.
Their words ring hollow in our region with a rate of 10%, comfortably the highest in the UK.
Common sense should suffice to prevent cheating, which only leaves students with grades and promotions that will ring hollow when they enter college or the work force and suddenly find themselves in need of remedial courses, or unable to land a job.
Read more: Tunisia revolt makes Islamist threat ring hollow
Billingham Forum's pool is closed for two years for refurbishment and these ill-timed closures make the current Swim 4 Life advertising campaign ring hollow.
ALTHOUGH the accolade may ring hollow after abject failure at Royal Ascot, Dubai Duty Free winner Gladiatorus remains the world's leading active racehorse according to the latest edition of the World Thoroughbred Rankings.